5 Ways AI Is Impacting Web Design And Development

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Disruptive technological innovations across the world have changed the way businesses and organizations compete, thrive and perform. Artificial Intelligence has rapidly evolved and intruded on almost all platforms of like owing to its tendency to enable machines to perform human-like tasks and learn from experiences. Web application development is no longer an exception and this article lists down the top 5 ways of the AI impact in web design and development.

Better SEO strategies

Though there are many web analytics tools available in the market, their success depends on the processing skills of the programmer. With AI, websites can maximize the utility of data, and the programmers can identify irregularities in the architecture and issues in the web content. This could enable websites to better reach the targeted audience by better planning of the web content to respond to algorithms of search engines.

Faster search and better customer engagement

Voice-based interaction tools have changed the speed of search and quality of customer engagement. Internet users lookout to receive information faster and in a way that is simple and straightforward. Research reveals that 50% of searches will use voice by 2020. Chatbots and virtual messaging assistants, that are automated using AI is helping organizations solve customer queries, convert site visitor’s into customers and sell the right product by understanding their requirements.

Destroy black-hat strategies

AI has the potential to enhance website SEO by filtering fraudulent websites and spam content. Google’s Rankbrain is an example of this and these algorithm strategies are against black hat SEO strategies. It uses Machine Learning to determine and deliver relevant results in response to user searches. It filters all the fake results to better generate organic results.

Redefine coding and testing process

Artificial Intelligence can be applied for tasks such as adding/updating database records and identifying code snippets to solve a particular problem. With AI predictions and algorithms, web developers can develop codes, modify them and transform into a functional code without manual interference. With this, web development companies can build apps and bots that can perform efficiently than manual codes.

AI algorithms can automate the testing of web applications and websites with very little input from users. Using AI, companies can identify bugs, errors and fix them faster than the conventional testing processes. ML being a pattern-recognition technology uses patterns from past data to predict the critical aspects of web testing. This also enhances the accuracy and developers can extract meaningful inferences from the high-quality data that is maintained.

Offer a personalized store experience

Artificial Intelligence-based solutions and services enhance the web experience and offer a luxurious shopping experience for people who purchase online, without actually having to go physically to the store. The significant benefit of AI-based web design is that it has the potential to personalize the experience as per the user’s mindset and requirement.

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