Cloudi5 School Management ERP Software is the most ingenious and convenient option that connects students, educators and parents securely.

Cloudi5 Enterprise Resource Planning Software gives new meaning to all-in-one software. Our software is an open-source school platform that not only deals with school administration but also provides features and services for teachers giving you the power of communication and management 24*7 which could result in excellence in operations.

  • Data Visualization of Institution's Performance

    Cloudi5 ERP Software captures and generates loads of data from your School's everyday operations. Visualizing these data in visual graphs and charts provides insights.

  • Education Simplified

    The operating style of our Student attendance management is exceptional and this has made it fetched world recognition as a standard tool for the educational system.

  • Investment of the best brains

    Our School Management Software specializes in unifying technology to unlock a child potential. Cloudi5 ERP sort all the tasks that you need to face in an educational institution in its longest run.

  • Visibility into Income and Expenses

    Accessible only via your Accountant's secured credentials, get real time information about your Institutions Financial performance. Take informed decisions.

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Why Cloudi5 School ERP?

Best School Management Software with Parent Login facility

Cloudi5 School Management Software India is great for managing your workforce. It has a powerful human resources module to help manage your school’s staff. The motive of this product is to make school management easily approachable to all who is related to schools. Our School College Management Software also offers a robust student management system, reports, a powerful organizational calendar and an exam module for teachers. Try our School Management Software demo with all the features for the first time and can continue with the software by paying after your satisfaction.


  • Push notifications for all the updates
  • All important things on fingertip
  • Highly scalable and customizable software
  • Investment in Innovation


Ability to track the attendance of children enrolled in various classes

Message Broadcasting

No more missing the notices put up on the notice boards of the school

Download Center

Students can download assignments, syllabus, e-books, and notes on a daily basis

Parent Pavilion

School fees, discount, and levies, given the chance to get involved in child education

School ERP Software Features


Admission procedure filed easy with a database

Graphical Reports

Detailed report served with just one click


Award and manage merit points for students

Time Table

Tension-free Substitution Allotment


Simple to take and easy to manage


Export exam results in excel easily

Accounts & Fees

Quickly know your fees collected


Live monitoring of all the buses and other vehicles


Systematic way of monitoring room details

Notice Period

Automizing the posting and removal of notices

SMS Management

Timely Updates for better communication

Lesson Plan

Align lessons and assessments to standards


User Management

Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees

Income & Expense

Clear and detailed listings of financial best practice

Home Work

Post homework/assignments to students of their class

Study Material

Send/share group emails, study material among each other

Manage Subject

Assign subjects based on their specialty

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