Advantages Of Hiring A Web Designer Over A DIY Online Web Builder

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From being ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’, Websites have evolved to be a principal driver of a business, more so in this digital era. Irrespective of the size and scale of the business, they look up to building strategies to create a strong online presence. The options to web design and development have evolved simultaneously and one must work out the benefits and costs of each of them before actually deciding to invest in building one. The first of the several decisions would be to decide if one should invest in an online DIY builder or hire a professional web designer.

The blog intends to put forth the importance of choosing a website designer or a web design company while highlighting the cons of investing in a DIY online web builder. DIY builders design and develop a website using the freely available ‘Do-It-Yourself’ toolkit without the involvement of a professional developer. The DIY kit here doesn’t include enterprise-level ones from Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, etc. as they require expertise and capabilities at the professional level to leverage their free offering. Though they are less costly when compared to the ones developed by professionals, they are found to have several disadvantages.

By choosing a web designer you can avail creative designs

The most common issue with the DIY web builder is that there is a lack of uniqueness and creativity in the design. There are chances that there may be several websites with the same design as yours as anyone can access the freely available templates. On the other hand, professional designers are known to create a unique look and add a flair of creativity to the design. This may help your site stand apart from the competition and gain visibility. Though there is an option to purchase the DIY template and prevent others from using it further, you have no idea of how many have already used it.

DIY builders offer only limited customization

By opting to build a website by hiring a web designer, you get an option to add unique features of your brand that helps you gain identity and visibility. While DIY templates offer a limited scope in terms of fitting in images or text, you may still need a professional designer if you have to extend the scale beyond the pre-defined offering.

DIY tools are not SEO friendly

SEO has become an integral part of websites to widen online visibility and presence and stand apart from the competition. Most DIY- building tools aren’t SEO friendly.  On the other hand, professional designers leverage the best SEO strategies to make sure that the website is visible to the target customer.  Our team at Cloudi5 technologies has web design experts with expertise and experience design SEO-friendly websites who in turn coordinate with the SEO team in producing URL structure, meta tag creation, etc.

By hiring a web designer you can optimize your website across several platforms

Some DIY web building tools are outdated and not all of them are compatible with the browser or a mobile device. At times they may not be functioning well or even look stretched across the browser. On the other hand, a professional web design company and front-end developers invest extra effort in optimizing them across various devices. This is the most important, particularly when customers in this fast-paced world tend to access information from everywhere and anywhere.

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