Boosting Your Website's Speed And Ranking

Boosting Your Website's Speed And Ranking With Core Web Vitals

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Are you worried that your website won't rank higher?

If you want your website to rank higher in the Google search engine, focusing on Core Web Vitals should be your top priority.

Boosting your website's speed and ranking with the core web is essential for providing a better user experience and improving your website's search engine optimization.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals measures real-world user experience for improving page speed, interactivity, and visual stability of the page.

How do Core Web Vitals work?

Core Web Vitals is based upon three major factors.

  • Loading-Largest Content Paint (LCP) calculates the loading time of a web page by determining how long it takes for the largest visible content piece to become fully visible from the user's perspective.
  • Interactivity- The first input delay (FID)evaluates the webpage's interactivity by measuring the time between the user's interaction and the browser's response.
  • Visual Stability- The cumulative layout shift (CLS)analyses the visual stability of the web pages by measuring the total number of layout shifts that happens during the page loading process.

How Core Web Vitals Matter?

Core Web Vitals matter because they rank your website in the Google search engine.

Here is how Core Web Vitals work:

  1. Enhancement of user experience
  2. High User Experience
  3. Mobile Compatibility
  4. Search Engine Ranking Benefits
  5. Increased conversion rates

How to Optimize Google Search Console in Core Web Vitals?

Google Search console:

Google search console is an important tool used by Digital marketing companies. In Google Search Console, optimizing your website's core web vitals involves assessing your site's performance, discovering faults, and taking corrective actions to improve the loading speed, interaction, and visual stability of the web pages.

Here are some steps to optimize core web vitals using google search console:

Verify your site- It is important to confirm whether your site is verified in the Google search console.

Access core web vitals Report-In Google Search Console, go to the "Enhancements" tab, and click "Core Web Vitals." This report summarizes your site's Core Web Vitals performance and identifies particular issues that require attention.

Find out the pages with issues-The core web vitals report will show you which pages have performance concerns. It will concentrate on pages with a Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor score in the basic web vitals metrics.

Evaluate the details and diagnostics- If you click on the individual issues, you will get a detailed explanation of why the problems are caused.

Concentrate on fixing the issues- It is important to address concerns that affect a large number of pages, key landing pages, and pages with high traffic.

Revalidate and observe- Revalidate the affected pages using the Core Web Vitals report. Keep track of how your optimizations affect your site's performance over time.

How to check Page Speed Insights?

Page Speed Insights- Page speed insight is a beneficial tool that checks the performance and loading speed of the web page.

Access page speed insights- Access page speed insights using your web browser.

Enter your website URL- Enter the URL of the webpage you wish to examine and enhance into the text box given. You can examine your site's desktop and mobile editions.

Select Analyze- After typing the URL, Select the "Analyze" Button. This tool will start Analyzing your webpage's performance.

View Results-Page Speed Insights will create a report which shows your website's score and information.

This report is divided into two sections- Field Data and Lab Data.

Elucidate the results- Page speed insight provides scores for both mobile and desktop versions; the scores are classified into three categories- Good, Need Improvement, and Poor.

Try out different pages and devices-Try out different pages and devices- You can examine the performance of different pages on your website and switch between mobile and desktop versions using Drop Down menu.

Why are core Web vitals important?

Core Web vitals are important for many reasons. They allow you to understand and calculate your website's performance based on the user's perspective.

Core Web Vitals focus on elements that provide a better user experience. Websites that load quickly respond promptly to user interaction, and avoid visual disruptions due to layout shifts are more likely to keep users engaged and satisfied. Using responsive images for your website based on the user's view allows a better user experience for various websites.

"Speed index" measures the overall perceived loading speed by considering the progressive rendering of visible content.

It is important to optimize your website performance to achieve the fastest index score. This will improve your website's speed and provide a better user experience.

Importance of Core Web Vitals in SEO:

Core Web Vitals has become an important metric in SEO (Search Engine Organization) and Digital Marketing Services. These metrics are created to access a better user-experienced website.

There are some factors in which Core Web Vitals are related to SEO.

  • Ranking factors
  • Mobile friendly emphasis
  • User experience Signals
  • Long term sustainability 

Tools to crack Core Web Vitals:

Core Web Vitals are not something you "crack" like a code. They are performance metrics that reflect the user experience of your website.

Your objective should be to optimize your website to achieve the suggested thresholds for these metrics rather than attempting to "crack" them to improve user experience and maybe your search engine rankings. Various tools allow you to measure, analyze and improve your code web vitals such as Google Page Speed Insights, Google Search Console, Lighthouse, Webpage test, and Pingdom. 

Improving website's speed using Core Web Vitals:

There are many methods by which you can improve your website's speed using Code Web Vitals.

  • Optimizing and compressing images-You can improve it by optimizing and compressing images.
  • Optimize server response time-Make sure your web server is correctly set up and optimized to reduce the amount of time it takes to process user requests.
  • Optimize fonts- Use font subsets to only include the characters you need to reduce file size when optimizing fonts.


It is important to keep in mind that improving website speed and Code Web Vital is along process. You have to regularly implement best practices and monitor your site performance. This will provide a better user experience and improve your website's ranking over time.

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