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Today website is more than just a reflection of your business. It takes your brand closer to the audience through interactions and transactions. Therefore, compromising with its performance and functions will harm your business. Website maintenance and hosting both play a crucial role in elevating your marketing strategies and sales returns.

Cloudi5 Technologies is here to support your website and hosting needs. Building a website involves different stages such as researching, planning, analyzing, etc. website maintaining tasks has a start with web design but doesn't have an endpoint as you require it continuously. We employ dedicated professionals to fulfill your customized needs and back you whenever needed. Let's check what it takes to maintain your website and hosting service.

Our web design team focuses on creating web pages that express the emotions connected with the products. Every product or service is projected according to the customer perception but with the brand styling factor. We ensure the fusion, creativity, and techniques are balanced enough to produce the desired outcome. Software such as HTML, CSS, Angular, Vue.js., updated tools, and the knowledgeable team makes Cloudi5 the best place for web designing and development. Designing and Developing a customized website for your business is our foremost focus.

The development of teamwork on backend scripting to enhance the quality of web design functionalities and interaction aspects. Our web developers use advanced tools like Bootstrap, PHP, CRM, etc. After and during the process of website creation analysis and correction are done to overcome the issues in the UI and UX. Web design and development flow hand in hand to balance the features and functionalities of the websites.

The website becomes a pillar to business growth because it is the first point of contact for the users. They reach your website and explore your brand further only if you provide the solutions and a good experience. This is why we work constantly on the security aspect of the websites created. Depending on your industry standards and requirements our professionals plan the strategies and implement them on your website. Timely updates, trend changes, and the latest technology are considerations outlined while maintaining your website.

We have built ready-to-use multi-vendor E-commerce solutions that are effortless and easy to maintain. Many medium and enterprise businesses are have already achieved impressive sales returns with our products and services. The web design built by our professionals to represent an online store facilitates easy navigation and ensures safe transactions.

Once the website is built it can serve your brand in multiple ways. Marketing is one of the prime purposes. Our digital marketing team concentrates on displaying your niche activities, contents, links, and many detailed factors contributing to effective online marketing. We do SEO to increase the traffic and visibility of your brand. Cloudi5 SEO team supports you with all the advanced tools and expertise to make wise marketing decisions. They implement necessary techniques right from the process of web design to enhance the SEO results. (Also read about SEO the foundation of branding)

The web design and elements of the website are optimized to enhance the algorithm readability. We list your brand on suitable platforms, social media, and search engines. Promotion of brand needs customized approach as each business has different purpose, goals, and future vision. We provide consistent and reliable hosting to run your website without any disruptions. You just need to select the duration and type of hosting service. Our team supports you with migration and budget-friendly hosting services too.

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