Coimbatore city police to provide real-time updates on traffic conditions on Google Maps

Coimbatore City Police To Provide Real-time Updates On Traffic Conditions On Google Maps

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The mobile application industry is growing and gaining an unavoidable inclusion in other industries. Most importantly, mobile applications are instantaneously in development for traffic and congestion control. This use case is engaging and is the most wanted application for the police or the traffic police.

Coimbatore is one of the digital cities which has become a busy place to live in. Like other metropolitan cities, Coimbatore is also experiencing heavy traffic. Having this as a power-packed use case, the Coimbatore police commission has tied up with Lepton software (Gurgaon based) to render a great mobile app that gives them real-time traffic updates to ease traffic control. This app gives real-time updates on the traffic tied up with google maps. The application is named 'RoadEase.'

The RoadEase will be first installed in the mobile phones of the police, and they will send real-time traffic updates to the Lepton team. Once they approve it, The application will store live traffic data. This application is accessible to all. Mobile development company is one of the main parts in easing the work of the police corps.

V. Balakrishnan officially launched the RoadEase app on Nov 15, 2022. It is to be noted that the Police Commission of Chennai has already partnered with the Lepton software. In Coimbatore, mobile application development is currently taking place, and the app will soon be available to the public. RoadEase will be fully operational and provide details about congested stretches, traffic volume, alternative routes, and roads currently under construction.

Across India, the roadease app has been introduced to 16 cities, and in Tamil Nadu, only Chennai and Coimbatore have launched it officially. Vijaykumar Dhatwalia, Data Products head at Lepton, gave this keynote.

This is an excellent initiative that the Coimbatore Police Personnel has taken the effort to tie up with mobile application development companies like Lepton to improve the professionalism and comfortability of the police commission as well as the public users. There are always pros and cons to any mobile application development. The main advantage of the application is that it straightly improves the accuracy and accessibility of the google maps application. The main advantage is that any inaccurate or erroneous data by humans can cause the application to mislead the public. That's why there is a stage called 'approval' in this roadease application, where only traffic analytics that the Leptopn Team has approved will be included in the feed for the google maps app.

Android app, the mobile app, is one of the easiest ways to control and comfort people worldwide. It is proved that any problem can be easily solved using mobile application development with the help of the right technology and the right platform. The road Ease app is undoubtedly the best tool for the police commission and the public to plan their day and seek alternative solutions.


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