Comparison Of Reactjs Vs Vuejs, The Popular Frameworks In Web Development

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Every business and organization is looking forward to creating high-quality web solutions in a short period of time. Recently, Javascript has gained great popularity and tech conglomerates have leapfrogged leveraged the immense potential of frameworks and languages. Web developers and web development companies have to choose an appropriate framework from a variety of available frameworks and libraries. They are growing at a rapid pace and are updated frequently.

In this blog that compares the Reactjs and Vuejs, we have listed the Pro’s and Con’s of each of the frameworks, along with insights on market trends and updates.

Initially released in 2013, React is a javascript library backed by the facebook community and it makes it easy to build interactive UI’s and is best for modern single-page applications of various sizes.

Vuejs is an open-source javascript framework launched in 2014 and is capable of creating highly adaptable user interfaces and sophisticated Single-page applications.


ReactJS is much popular than Vuejs. On stack overflow, there are 164,818 questions within #react.js while there are about 42,800 questions within #vue.js. Reactjs is the most popular Javascript library with greater support and community.

2.Learning curve

Vue is a progressive lightweight framework, which enables the user to develop solutions at a higher speed. It’s easier to learn Vue than React framework. Reactjs has a steep learning curve owing to its complex set up process, structure, properties, and functions.


State Management and Data flow demand more attention while scaling up an application because there will be a number of components interacting with each other and sharing the data.

Reactjs doesn’t provide state management and one needs to use React Redux as a state management tool. React router is also from a third party.

Vuejs permits its basic tooling to create an application. It also offers Vuex for state management and Vue Router for application URL management. Hence, Vue is flexible and is better for both small and large applications.

4. Cross-platform App development

Though both frameworks are in a rush to provide cross-platform application development, React Native is mature and is widely used for native-rendered apps. On the other hand, Vue’s Weex is still evolving and provides a smooth experience while creating apps for Android and iOS. 

React is better when

  1. Complex web application development
  2. When there is a requirement to build mobile applications, use ReactNative.
  3. If you are a pro in Javascripts.

With ReactjS, there is a large number of libraries and tools which have the potential to simplify and speed up the process of development.  When a ready-made solution is available, there is no necessity to write a function from scratch. It is powered by Facebook, which has a comparatively larger use-case, projects, and resources.

Vuejs is better when

  1. One has to create light-weight, easy-to-fix applications.
  2. If you would prefer to work in HTML
  3. Creating top-notch single-page applications

With Vuejs the learning cure is comparatively lower and one can master the framework in a short time. Though its popularity and community are narrower than Reactjs, it is evolving at a very fast speed.

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