Essential Features Of An Ideal School ERP Software

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The main objective of School management ERP is to ease the hassles in operation and administration while also enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness of the ecosystem. They boost the tech-savvy image of the school and also serve as an important tool of communication between teachers, students, and parents. Such software can be tail-made to suit the customized demands of different schools. Listed below are the essential features of a perfect school ERP software.

Automate all operations

The main purpose of the School ERP software should be to automate every operation of the school. From admissions, maintaining attendance, creating and maintaining examination schedules, managing hostels, canteens, after-school services, inventories, etc.  to managing the library, vehicles, etc. every operation of the school should be digitized.

Reduce paperwork

Conventionally, school administration involves heaps of paperwork. ERP software should digitize every activity that involves paperwork. By this, record maintenance becomes very easy and hassle-free. Digital records can be accessed anytime from any location, and are more secure than physical records. Digital records are stored in cloud servers and can be stored safely for indefinite period of time, unlike physical records that can be destroyed.

Generate instant reports

ERP software should have the capability to update dynamically with changes in data and must generate instant reports on students-attendance, activities, performance metrics, mark sheets, payment of fees, mode of transport, etc; for teachers and staffs- attendance, payrolls, credit staff salaries with integrated payment gateways, teaching plan, appraisals, etc; for management- movement and maintenance of vehicles, accounting reports and financial transactions, admission status, website enquiries, alumni records,etc.

Enable parents-teachers communication

In the conventional mode of administration, enabling communication between parents and teachers is complicated. The school management ERP software should bridge the communication gap effectively and enable online interactions. This can happen even without requiring the parents to visit the institution in person. The software should let parents register their complaints, upload various reports and establish a direct connection through the direct modules.

Effective Staff management

School ERP software can manage staff just like it can enable easy management of students. From providing quick and simple staff enrollments, maintaining their attendance to crediting their salaries on-time, ERP software automates the whole process of Staff management.

Efficient management of accounts

The software should have a set up to determine fees automatically based on student categories, the inclusion of transport & hostel fees, generation of pending fees reports, reminders to defaulters, expense management, etc. It should completely digitize the accounts operations and management of finance.

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    Hi. I was just reading your blog. I found it useful for school or institutional point of view. School ERP is best for management of school or institution. Keep posting more useful blogs.

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