Google Analytics Tips To Multiply Your Conversion

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As businesses are increasingly transforming themselves to best harness the strengths of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, it becomes essential to understand analytics and data. This would help the businesses in acquiring potential leads and customers apart from driving traffic, as well as in gaining a competitive edge. The blog intends to look beyond the surface and present deeper insights on understanding the humongous data from Google Analytics and on efficiently translating them to multiply business value.

Creating and refining customer segment details

Creating customer segment data in order to classify your customers based on the demographic is the most important step in understanding how users perceive information published on your site. To do this, first, glean data from the Audience Reporting section. In the Demographics section, you can garner insights on the Age and Gender data. Select the Overview option under the Interests section- Affinity Categories, In-Market Segments, and Other Categories.

The above data would help you understand the attributes of your customer, you can create a customer segment to track the interaction of that segment. Click on the down arrow in the left of All Sessions from the Audience Reporting tab, and enter the details of your customer segment. You can specify a range for dates for the ease of tracking and to design effective remarketing campaigns.

Keep an eye on the conversion data and paths

Understanding the intricate details and data of the conversion paths in Google analytics is highly important because most often customers do not conclude the shopping in one go. Often visitors take up a complex route from the initial activity until the end of shopping for the product or service. To have a glimpse of the top conversion paths, click on Conversions - Multi-channel funnels- Top conversion paths.

You can get an insight into how the users discover your business, gain awareness of the offerings and make decisions on purchase. You can use these insights to design strategies to harness the strengths of different platforms and to achieve goals in Google analytics. In addition, you can map these results to the Keywords, to understand the effectiveness of your marketing channels and campaigns.

Turn on notifications for Intelligence events

The intelligence event alert would send you notifications and metrics on unusual traffic. Apart from the alert, it would also send intricate details like the source of origination of the irregularity. To turn this on, Select custom alerts under the Intelligence Events section. You can specify the value for control parameters like User, Pageviews, Bounce Rate, etc. This will automatically trigger intelligence notifications when there is an abnormality in the specified control parameter.

Track Traffic patterns

Though it is important to keep an eye on the current traffic data, it is equally important to analyze the past data and previous traffic. You can do this by using Compare to the previous period option. Enter the date range, for which data that you wish to compare with the previous date ranges.

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