Google Core Update December 2020 At A Glance

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Google core updates are regularly done once in a few months. The recent update was rolled out in December 2020. It's all about the algorithm and the way it crawls the websites. The new changes have both positive and negative impacts on websites. Some of the websites that were ranked lower have moved up whereas, many have listed low. There is high volatility in the ranking based on the industry and quality of the contents.

The current broad core update 2020 addresses the search result issues. Google algorithm connects the search keywords with the most relevant content to list them on the SERP's. If you have updated your website with knowledgeable and relevant content then you are less likely to suffer. To ensure the best possible user experience google keeps updating itself many times in a year and optimizes the result pages. Therefore, you need to focus on various aspects during each update and make changes accordingly to improve or sustain the ranking position.

As a result, websites related to industries such as medical, real estate, job search, and health have seen fluctuations in the ranking. The staked domains, spam, and bad links have been ranked low. If you do not check on the performance and make timely modifications it will be hard to compete online and cope up with the changes.

Content is the point of focus in SEO as that's the need of the user. It is the ultimate object to explain your brand power. You can analyze every single component of your website with the Google tools and understand how beneficial they are for you and your user. The digital marketing company should be well experienced to guide you through the usage of tools such as google analytics, search console, quality score, keyword planner, etc. The reports obtained will be useful in revealing which elements, keywords and part of contents are underperforming. Test the usability of the website elements. With the Dec' 2020 update rolling out you must work seriously on the contents. The Google algorithm will only list the most informational and apt contents on the SERP's. The trackers and researchers say that the volatility realized in this short period will settle down and some ranking will get reversed in a while. Cloudi5 technology experts keep a keen eye on all major changes and their influence on the digital marketing world. Our SEO professionals are available round the clock to ensure an optimized user experience.

# Things to consider while building and updating contents

Create it with the user's point of view and then connect the importance of the brand with it. Everything you do should make you visible. This in turn will maximize the traffic to your website. Avoid duplication of contents as it can harm your ranking. Ensure correct information without any discrepancies. Wise and apt use of keywords is important to reach a potential audience. To make the contents interesting include visual elements where ever needed. Use the visuals as pillars to link valuable information. Reduce emptiness, errors, and bad links and provide continuous engagement.

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