Guest Blogging As An SEO Strategy

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Guest Posting is a content marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization where a person/ business takes up writing and publishing a blog to the website of another business or a person. By doing this, the former gain traffic from the latter to their site, in order to promote their own personal or corporate brand. It is one of the reliable tactics increasingly adopted in the digital marketing arena. By publishing periodic blogs on a website of the same industry would help them target and gain exposure to a more relevant audience, and eventually drive increased traffic. This digital marketing strategy yields mutual benefits- increases the quality of the content to their audience to the publishers, and while on the other hand, it gives the blogger a podium to demonstrate their expertise to a wider audience and multiply the SEO benefits.

Following are the benefits of guest posting for your business.

Driving more traffic

Publishing blogs as a guest to more websites that are closely relevant to the audience of your actual target will increase your visibility and thus drive traffic. When you do so on different websites, people automatically start noticing your brand. Some of them will try to get back to your site to know more about your product or service offerings and this means more traffic. In due course, this would add value to your digital marketing efforts.

Trigger social media reach

Expanding your social media presence is an essential digital marketing strategy for strengthening your online presence. By linking your social media profiles in an authoritative blog, you get an opportunity to magnify your social media followers.

When the content that you’ve published as a blog on the website of the other person or business is engaging, people are motivated to share them on their social media. This social media activity would drive more traffic and visibility to your website and offerings apart from your social media followers.  At Cloudi5 Technologies, a leading digital marketing company we have guest blogging as a part of our marketing and SEO strategies.

Strengthen your trust and online authority

Though social media marketers work out varying content strategies, they are increasingly finding it difficult to convert their audience into customers and subscribers. By contributing to blogs on websites that are credible, it will help in improving the credibility of your site and brand and thus ease your digital marketing efforts. This would eventually increase the trustworthiness of your products and services and help you achieve your digital marketing goals in a short time

Adds to your SEO efforts

SEO is the foundation of branding businesses online. Guest blogging is one of the trending SEO strategies in the digital marketing world. By publishing a blog as a guest to another website, you get an opportunity to link back to your brand. By optimizing the link with keywords, you are adding to your SEO strategies and your content becomes discoverable to search engines. You should try targeting websites that are more relevant to your niche to increase the effectiveness of your target, and thus generate qualified leads.

Consult our SEO experts at Cloudi5 Technologies for better engagement strategies for your website. We would be more than happy to serve you with tips to improve SEO through blogging.

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