How Much Does A Web Design Cost?

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Because a website is the first attribute through which the business communicates to its clients, having a professional website is important for businesses in this digital world. Because it forms the focus of all the marketing plans and sales efforts, a website design is more of an investment. Because it involves zero switching costs for a consumer to migrate to a different brand online, competition is huge and to stand apart in the industry, it requires a website with unique features and functionalities to attract and retain visitors.

How much does it take to avail of a quality website design?

Overall, the upfront costs can be expected to go up to even $15,000 and ongoing fees in the range of $100-$1000 a month. The price of a website design depends on-

  1. Scope and scale of design- Number of pages that the business aims to build, the style of the design, and other functionalities including the level of expected output in - SEO, database integration, E-commerce functionality, Content creation and Management, Copywriting, etc.
  2. The project timeframe - the amount of time that is required to complete the project
  3. The estimated amount of manpower and resources that the design may consume.

Why should you hire a web design agency?

  1. The kind of Experience and Exposure that web design companies get through is significantly high and is incomparable with freelance designers, particularly in copywriting, SEO, content management, etc. because they get an opportunity to work with diverse companies and industries.
  2. They have an efficient process in place and are rich in resources. Such agencies have experts for every part of the process, which is impossible if you hire a freelancer.
  3. Web design agencies have the ability and capacity to offer support after launching the website- in updating the site, monitoring the performance, and tweaking the features in alignment with the company’s marketing objectives.

What are the components of a pricing estimate? 

Though it may seem like a web design is all about choosing and positioning right, the visual elements, it demands time and effort to design the complete site. An estimate from web design agencies would include the price for the following-

  1. UI/UX design- Because it involves a lot of elements, including logo, color scheme, buttons, links, forms, animations, content, etc. aimed at offering smooth, seamless navigation to the user, designing them and placing them consumes quite a lot of time.
  2. Technical attributes- From website domain, hosting, SSL certificate, to integrating apps and other services into the site, web design agencies include a lot of technical components, and you may seek prices for the components that you require from them.
  3. Content and SEO services- Content is the king, and you may choose to either provide the content or ask the agency to generate one. You may have to pay a price in case you ask the agency to do this part.

The best way to create a website is to prepare a complete checklist before web design and launch. At Cloudi5 Technologies, the leading web design company, we have experts to help clients with content and SEO services, while optimizing the code, content, and images, to be read by search engine algorithms, apart from ensuring that the website offers a seamless User experience. The pricing is optimal, and we make sure that you get the maximum value, an excellent web design for a minimal price. We help you create a design from scratch as well as to improve a business website to make more returns.

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