How To Build An Effective ECommerce Website Portfolio?

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A portfolio website to showcase the best of the e-commerce designs that you have built is an essential part of the marketing strategy for a web design and development company. This is so because clients and businesses building an eCommerce shopping space analyze the portfolio before arriving at decision. The benefits of a good website for an e-commerce business are huge and a  well-designed e-commerce portfolio is an essential attribute and a principal determinant that decides your long-term success. It is an easy way to showcase your uniqueness and strengthen your presence in the market. Apart from branding, having a portfolio helps you drive traffic and generate more prospective leads, and investing in efforts to bring out an effective portfolio design helps you turn such leads into clients.

Exhibit the best of your designs

Showcase the best of designs that you have created, by carefully curating the content and updating it with fresh, new content. Instead of displaying every project that you have completed, include projects that define your style and organize them in an engaging manner. As e-commerce website development is more about diversity, make sure that you include projects from diverse fields and industries- say groceries, eLearning, clothing, and wearables, etc.

Include testimonials and reviews

Incorporating testimonials and client experiences in your portfolio has evolved to be an indispensable strategy to acquire clients. Reviews and testimonials are an easy way to build credibility and trust on one hand, and on the other, showcase your uniqueness and strengths. Reach out to clients whom you think would add value to your profile and portfolio showcase.

Optimize your portfolio design website

Because more and more users are depending on mobile devices and other gadgets, and that it is anticipated to grow bounds in the upcoming years, it becomes essential to build a portfolio design that is responsive. Thus, it is essential to optimize such designs to ensure that they get adjusted to the device automatically. Are you interested in creating an eCommerce website? You may be willing to take a look at the designs from Cloudi5 Technologies, and contact us for more information.

Position properly, the Call-to-Action buttons and the points of contact

  1. About the company - Include a page that talks about yourself- the company, the brand, mission, vision, and objectives. This may help you establish a personal connection and a professional connection, apart from building trust amongst the minds of the people looking into the website.
  2. Position the contact information clearly - Placing your contact information and call-to-action buttons clearly is highly essential to serve the very purpose of building the portfolio- to drive more visitors to look at your designs, and to turn them into clients who can offer you business. Include a clear point of contact- Name of the contact, phone number, email, location, etc.
  3. Include a contact form - Using a contact form, you can collect information-name, email, phone number, and other notes on requirements, from prospective leads and clients. You can use this to understand their requirements, tune your proposal to match the requirements, and as a point of further follow-up and connect.

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