How To Create A Live Streaming Website?

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Live streaming has reached heights and will continue to grow in the future as people are switching to the internet and prefer live streams because of real-time experience. The people are also starting to create content on live streaming websites and platforms attracting a large audience base as their viewers in different fields.The brands, gamers, and other industries are also switching to live streaming platforms because of several benefits. 

Let's learn about live streaming.

What is a live streaming website?

A live streaming website is a platform where audiences come to watch live videos from different parts if they are not able to present there to get a real-time experience.They can interact there with other viewers, send chats, support creators, and many more.

It is a live show happening on the internet and various creators or brands do live streams of different things to interact with their audience.

Why should you create a live streaming website?

Creating a live streaming website can be very beneficial for many reasons such as:

Making your platform helps you to customize based on your requirements and audience. You can provide a personalized experience to your audience and help them interact as well as create an engaging community making it more real. The biggest benefit of it is you can generate a huge amount of money out of it.

How to create a live streaming website?

You can either outsource your live streaming website web design by hiring a website designer or an agency and can be built through coding or using third-party management software.

Below are the simple steps to create your live streaming website.

Choose your platform

You need a hosting and domain first to create your website and as there will be a huge number of users using the website at a time so you need powerful hosting to manage them. Then you need to install WordPress which is the common content management software used to manage its website. As in the beginning, it is easy to manage a website through management software. After that set up the themes and other essential features.

Customize your website with important features

The customization includes adding different features to your website based on your requirements. Create pages, search options, categories, web design, responsive theme, video thumbnails, blogs, and many more common required features to add based on the web design trends.

The user register and login portal as well as data management for users.Video players and live streaming add ons will be used to stream live videos. Playback and storing live videos to play them after they end as well.

The quality of videos, live chats, badges, and various features can be added through different add ons and plugins available on the software by simple drag and drop. After customizing the website with all the features test so that it is working properly.

Monetization model

Monetization is very important for live streaming websites to earn through live streams which can be offered by advertisements and sponsorship or subscription plans. You can embed third-party software which shows advertisements to your viewers before, in between, and after the live stream through which you will earn every single time they see any ad. You can also partner with which brands for sponsoring them you are live streams and get a great deal. You can create monthly and yearly subscription plans based on the deals you offer to your audience with a free trial for a week or two.


To summarise live streaming websites in the future as it provides freedom to the brand as well as the user to customize the platform based on their needs.It is easy to create a live streaming website through simple steps when adding the required features commonly used in live streaming websites or by hiring a website designer or an agency for better convenience.

In the end, monetizing a new website through different ways to generate income out of it.


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