How To Find Your Target Audience By Using Digital Tools

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The audience is the driving force of the success of any business. They are behind your marketing statistics at every step. Every design choice, every word of copy, and where you choose to spend your marketing budget should be decided with a very specific target and potential audience in mind to get success. As a professional digital agency, understanding the target audience is one of the major aspects while designing a website or developing a digital marketing plan.

Some of the clients may not have a specific marketing plan or resources to put forward marketing, have trouble defining their target audience. Instead most of the business owners have a clear picture of their typical customer in mind, in which they include Geographic location, age, and income level. But they may not have complete details about the other parameters which define their target audience.

In this digital world, many Digital marketing tools exist like Google, Facebook, in which they help to learn more about the target audience. Let us take a look at the few as follows.

Google Analytics

To learn more about the target audience, Google Analytics is the first and foremost option. Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks and analyzes your website traffic and data. One can utilize the valuable demographic data being collected on users coming to your website if once they had Google Analytics set up. Google Analytics tool offers an “Audiences” tab which provides all the useful information about the person who visits your website including, where they live, age, gender, etc. It also has an “interests” tab which offers a more specific profile of the users on your website. Based on the users’ browsing habits and product purchases stored in Google’s data, the target audiences are categorized into two types.

  1. Affinity Audience
  2. In-Market Audience

Affinity Audiences:

It collects the target audience information based in terms of lifestyle. Example: Home Décor Enthusiasts, Technophiles, Travel Buffs, and Movie Lovers.

In-market Audiences

It tells you the information about the people who are shopping for and their interests in purchase. Example: Dating Services, Residential Properties, and Home Décor, Apparel and Accessories, etc.

In these ways Google Analytics helps you to learn more about the target audience. Even you can know what kind of traffic is coming and from where it is coming by the Acquisition tab. And also website analytics will help you in the same way.


Social media is one of the best Digital marketing tools which help to analyze your buyers while your website traffic gives you a clear picture of your target audience. Some of the social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn come equipped with some analytical tools or insights which help you to learn more about who is interacting with your business. Even there are some third-party tools like Buffer or Hootsuite which provide extensive analytics and information on your social media accounts.

You have to choose the social media platform depending on your business to find your target audience. Among the biggest social media network, Facebook is a popular social media in most industries. Facebook’s “Insights” tool option provides an abundance of valuable information.  This tool gives more information about how people are interacting with your page, like when users are taking action on your page, how many likes you are getting, what engagements you are getting, etc.

Hire the best digital marketing services to find your target audience utilizing the digital tools to get success in your business.

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