Impact Of Videos On Websites

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Videos are capable of creating an everlasting footprint on the websites and can be a powerful tool to showcase the emotions of the brand, elaborate the product and its features, testimonial feedback from its customers, and flaunt their employees who run the show. Marketing strategies with video content are ideal when the aim of the business is to increase conversion, RoI, and visibility. Thus videos have become an inevitable part of a website design and the best way to design a website is to embed video content wherever it may be deemed necessary.

Benefits of embedding a video on websites

  1. Better engagement of visitors - It’s easy to engage customers with an appealing video that demonstrates a product or a service. Customers prefer to learn from a video than other forms of content.
  2. Attract people and increase website traffic - Because videos have a higher potential to attract visitors, having them on your site attracts more people and retains them on the website.
  3. Boost conversions - Conversion rates for websites with video content are comparatively higher and thus turn more people who visit the site into perspective leads and loyal customers.
  4. Improve the rankings on search engines - Websites that use videos have the likelihood of being ranked at a higher spot, and thus have a  prospect of more people leading to higher conversion rates and profits.

Types of videos to use on websites

  1. Product videos - Videos are a potential podium to explain the unique features of the product or service and demonstrate its abilities. Animated videos are a worthwhile investment and they are more useful when the product concept is novel and the offerings are complex to comprehend. This could be embedded on the homepage and then be made to open up as a pop-up video when the visitor is navigating through other pages of the site.
  2. Testimonial videos  - Broadcasting testimonials from customers are a powerful way to build credibility and trust amongst customers. Such videos are an option to flaunt your customer's emotions, and because they showcase to customers directly, they are more credible and reliable than other forms of reviews.
  3. Video Blogs - A whopping 51% of professionals rank video as the form of content with the highest RoI and conversion rates. Posting periodic updates through a short video would improve your SEO and drive more leads. What is important when creating and posting such videos is to embed their transcripts as search engine algorithms haven’t evolved enough to automatically scan and index them. By embedding such videos to your Youtube channel, you get an opportunity to impact 1 billion Youtube users from across the world.
  4. Team videos - Capturing and broadcasting the working of your team and employees can help you build your team and drive talented professionals into your team on one hand, and on the other, create an impact in the consumer’s minds through projecting the company’s culture and work environment. More so when the new generation users are driven by the fast-paced world, the fact that they consume video content more is demonstrably evident. Thus having such videos on the career page may help you hire talented people to operate the business.

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