Importance Of E-Commerce Web Designers During COVID-19 Crisis

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The demand for eCommerce web designers has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic situation as many businesses are required to build an eCommerce website for their business.  In this period, it is very clear that many businesses have to adjust to a new reality world as millions of people are self-isolating at home. People will require to rely on eCommerce to obtain their needs. This leads to more demand for web design companies or web designers who specialize in eCommerce portals.

According to Burning Glass, the job demand for eCommerce web designers is relatively low after a survey. The occupation growth will be 14.9 over the next 10 years and the current positions will be filled by 34 days.  According to the Dice Salary report, eCommerce web designers' salary will be $59,920 which is lower than UI/UX  designers, who will get a median salary of up to $79,900 and even their annual pay will hit only $94,000 in the last year.

The history behind the low salary is hard to tell, even though it requires many skills to perform. Burning Glass has a breakdown of eCommerce web designers or web design companies depending on their baseline and specialized skills. The baseline skills of eCommerce designers are creativity,  Teamwork / Collaboration, Communication skills, organizational skills, meeting deadlines, editing, etc. Likewise, specialized skills are eCommerce, website design, adobe photoshop, adobe Indesign, Graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, and adobe acrobat.

From this survey, it is very clear that these skills are shared largely by all other kinds of designers too. Theoretically, it suggests that even designers who had no experience in e-commerce can easily adapt to new eCommerce work from their company or customers, which in turn, the demand for highly specialized eCommerce web designers might be lowered.

Because of this COVID-19 situation, there are many chances to rewrite this particular equation. Businesses need to rapidly shift to eCommerce to do their business. For this, they require a strong e-commerce web portal,  and those do not have, its time to build a new one to do their business quickly. For this, the demand for skilled eCommerce web design companies or professionals is hiring to create e-commerce websites. Even if you are not an eCommerce website designer, the skills associated will help you to meet the requirement. Some of the skills required are mentioned as follows.

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Coding Skills
  • E-Commerce Analytics and SEO
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Designers who are interested in eCommerce should learn more coding as possible. Dr. Xiaowen Fang, School of Computing Professor at Depaul University, told that “ You need not be a traditional programmer, but you need to have a better understanding of how to develop an application, how to program it, and finally how to work with a team”.

The very important other technology which has to be considered is “CYBERSECURITY”. It is playing a vital part when you are trying to launch a shopping portal under considerable time pressures. Nowadays companies are more aware of the vulnerable about the e-commerce portals which is present to the determined hackers. Cybersecurity skill is the most expected skills set from the developers. Hence the eCommerce business people looking for to hiring a best web design company with skilled website designers who have a strong eCommerce website knowledge for their business.

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