Important Emerging UI Design Trends For 2020

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The growing technology influences web designs every year. The designers must be aware of the new designing trends, tend to learn constantly, and be up to date about the current market. Here are a few UI design trends this year. Let us discuss as follows.

Motion Effects and Graphics

The approach towards web designing will completely change with the advent of 5G. A website with motion effects and motion graphics will engage the visitors more interesting and allows designers to be more creative in all sense.

Custom-made Graphic design

Images are a good medium to convey your thoughts to the visitors. It adds more value to your business. If you don’t have high-quality images, you no need to buy them. You can design your graphic for your website.

Reduced Contrasting Gradient

Contrasting gradient colors are one of the current trends in web design. You can check out more number of sites to get an idea about this. Most of the popular websites have been built their site on a less-color gradient approach.

Animated Illustrations

In digital product design, illustrations have been existing for a long time. Animated illustrations are very popular design elements that add a natural feel to the overall UX of your products. Last year, their evolution is very impressive. Illustrations are helpful to add reality to the products and also stand-out unique. Another major benefit of using motion pictures are grabbing more attention and making your user engaged with your product. It is one of the best ways to promote your brand, product, or services.

3D Graphic in Web and Mobile UI

We can see the 3D graphic effects everywhere – in movies, video games, advertisements, etc. Even it was introduced earlier still it has been improved and evolved dramatically. Along with this, mobile and web technology also growing very fast. New web browser capabilities allow designers to create and implement incredible 3D graphics into modern web and mobile interfaces.

3D graphics creation and integration into web and mobile interfaces require some specific skills and a lot of works, but in the end, you will deserve a lot.

3D graphic designs allow users to represent their products or services more interactively and engagingly. For instance, the 3D graphic designs could be viewed in the 360-degree presentation which ultimately improves the overall UX of the product. In this year, 2020, to emulate the real-world shopping experience, most of the brands might use 3D graphic designs to represent the product or services.


Microinteractions are one of the best proof which details and attention to them might greatly improve the overall user experience of your products or services and helps to place them on the next/higher level.

Create positivity

Storytelling is one of the key concepts to create positive emotions and relationships between your users and the brand. It helps to create a good image for your users. It helps to make your brand more memorable and familiar. Thus storytelling is one of the best, efficient marketing tool which helps to increase the product/services sales rapidly.

Now you clear about few UI design trends for 2020 which have to be considered by the designers to achieve better results. If not clear yet please contact the best web design company to improve your website design.

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