Improve Your Web Design To Boost Up Your Revenue

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A good web design is one of the vital factors to increase your sales and traffic swiftly. Every feature of your business website counts in providing a seamless experience to the users. The website will serve as a medium of interaction on the digital platforms, and also as a representative of your brand. The users visit your website repeatedly only if they get an apt solution or product else, they have numerous other brands to choose from over yours. Hence, a well-designed website plays a crucial role in online marketing and sales. If you already have a website, before diving into the designing part, analyze it, and have the current performance report as guidance.

There are DIY web builders available online, yet a professional web designer or a web design company to understand the changing trends and design a suitable website in a lesser time. Let's dig into web design and its features that power the website.

Responsive web design

A responsive website can take your brand to a wide variety of audiences. Users prefer to use mobile devices to buy products and gain knowledge about various brands. They can view your website and buy from you online regardless of the device. Specifically, mobile-friendly websites get higher traffic.


Text blocks, on your website, should be placed properly with white space differentiating each of them. The colors used should reflect the intent and emotions of the brand. Fonts from the same family make the website layout looks good and function efficiently. Using varied size fonts for the header and body of the text blocks enhances the visibility of information and highlights the vital messages displayed. Each page should connect with the corresponding pages accurately. The menu, contact, forms, etc. can be distinguished using appropriate colors and fonts.

The images are essential to convey information at a glance. Pictures on your website engage the audience for a longer time. They are useful to catch the attention of the user when offers and discounts are displayed.

Functionality and navigation

Elements of your website should function as expected. The users can get frustrated by performing the same functions repeatedly to reach the desired product or page. Therefore, ensure to check on the elements such as forms, links, and CTAs periodically. Navigation and functionality go hand in hand when the components of the website are placed well and function effectively. Navigating back and forth from one page to another should be effortless and quick. Adding carousels, internal linking, and highlighting the information smoothens the process. The navigation menu should be simple for the user to get the required information.

Speed of your website

The users wait only two to three seconds for your website to respond. Optimizing your website speed can improve your conversion rate. Updating the supporting tools and software regularly and optimizing the images will be useful in loading the web pages faster. Keep an eye on content and its productivity. You can always remove or replace the nonperforming ones.

It is wise to invest in website designing as it will replace a physical brick and mortar store and push your sales way higher. It can be done with a web design company by your side to address your specific needs. Expert web designers from Cloudi5 work efficiently to design websites that are attractive and productive.

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