Marketplace Or Your E-Commerce Website – Choose The Best One

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Online stores are an inevitable requirement of most businesses today in all industries. Selling your products or services on a digital platform has numerous benefits when compared to a brick and mortar shop. The quality and quantity of customers can be improved using various strategies that are budget-friendly and sometimes it is just an understanding of the user's needs. There are marketplaces available on which you can sell your products or you can prefer to own an e-commerce website to enhance the power of your brand. Both digital platforms are useful and have a different working pattern. In this article, let us unveil the pros and cons of marketplace and e-commerce websites.


A marketplace is owned by a single company that allows multiple brands to sell their products and services on it. The seller pays the market place on a commission basis, a flat charge, or a fee that is a combo of both. The variation in products sold is decided by the type of marketplace you select. Transactions on the marketplace are managed by the owning company and the shipments are managed by the respective sellers.

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website is developed and managed by the brand itself. It is owned by a single brand to sell its products.

Here the customer is directly connected with the brand on an e-commerce platform. Let's dig into the features of the marketplace and e-commerce and distinguish the factors to analyze the suitability.

Control of the selling platform

The sellers on a marketplace should adhere to the conditions of the company owning the marketplace. If you have an e-commerce platform of your own, you can control the design, functions, and products to fulfill the expectation of the customer's journey.


The charges of a marketplace are continuous, but the e-commerce website investment is a one-time payment and the website is all yours. If you are techy, then you can develop an e-commerce website with many software solutions available in the market. This software is simple to understand and implement with moderate technical knowledge. Apart from that Web Development Company can help you in developing a customized e-commerce website.

Customer relationship and engagement

Understanding the audience's intent and offering products depending on it benefits your brand if you own an e-commerce website. It is less effective in a marketplace as the users are not driven towards your brand in particular. You can customize every aspect of your website based on the emotions connected with the brand and the customers. You can reach more customers by advertising your brand on various channels. In a marketplace, you satisfy the customers only by providing the right products and services that suit their needs.


E-commerce web design can be customized at any time to improve sales. Every time the audience browse only your products and offers on your website it minimizes the distraction of users. Though you need to work on factors that improve your visibility on search engines, it gives fruitful results. On an e-commerce website, you will be able to target customers from various segments and scale up the products accordingly at a minimum cost.

In a marketplace, the customers are carried over by other brands even before analyzing the benefits of your products. The marketplace contains too many products, where customers do not worry about brands in most cases. It's just the price and appearance of products they immediately check on. A marketplace is vast in terms of inventory which allows you to add products conveniently.

The marketplace can work better at the initial and transition stages as you don't have to worry about hosting, marketing, maintenance, and development of the website. As you grow further, you need to reach customers through your brand. It educates the customers about your specializations and improves credibility. Hence, hiring a web designing and development company will empower your business to compete individually. Cloudi5 experts have developed multivendor e-commerce products that can customize to your specific needs.


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