Matrimonial Website Designing Ideas

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The importance of matrimonial websites has grown many folds in recent times. They offer a vast platform for users to explore and analyze various profiles from different regions. Marriages are life-changing happiest events in most peoples' lives. Matrimonial websites are the one-stop solution for the increasing population and the diverse wedding expectations as it contains a large pool of information and knowledge about people who are looking for a match. It has become the right place to find a suitable partner for you or to put up your profile in the fast-moving world. Designing a website for matrimonial purposes is a complex task as it needs expertise as well as innovative thinking. Let's look into the aspects that are beneficial while designing a matrimonial website.

User-friendly and interactive elements

The elements of the homepage should be attractive enough to grab the attention of users. Colors and fonts used must reflect the emotions and connect with the intentions of users. Components such as registration forms, menu, policies, etc. should be placed on the homepage for the user to access easily. Consequent pages should contain target information and call-to-action buttons.

Homepage contents

The homepage design must include attractive offers, forms, main categories, and easy signup options. It ensures the user is engaged as soon as they land on your website.

Search, filters, and CTA's

Search and filter options should include all possible categories to smoothen the journey of finding a match. The user should be able to search with keywords indicating different gender, age group, religion, location, profession, etc. The filters should provide advanced result pages that are narrowed down to meet the specific requirement of the user. Visible CTA's are essential on most of the pages that require the user's action.

Registered and non-registered users

The users of the website have limitations depending on the nature of registration. Access to information such as detailed profile, contact, location, etc. should be limited to registered customers only.


After the users register or provide their contact details, you should start notifying the actions. The notifications sent should be related to their search and preferences. The user should be notified through SMS and email whenever their profile is viewed by some other member.

Modes of contact

Different modes of contact should be available so that the users can choose anyone. For example, some prefer to provide phone numbers, while others may be comfortable with email.

Limitations on the access of profile and images

Various limitations should be designed according to the user's package and its period. The editing, deleting of images, and information should be allowed only for registered profiles holders. The paid and registered members should be able to view and upload detailed profile information like horoscope, income, family details, etc. You should also ensure to provide access to non-registered members to some extent so that they become members soon.

Transaction and security aspects

The website should allow some of the popular modes of payments. You should secure the data and transactions from hackers and other cyber theft using SSL. Updating the software and tools is vital to provide a safe platform to the customers who rely on your brand and its credibility.

Moving on with the trend is a part of matrimonial services. All the features and facilities you offer should be designed and delivered depending on the preferences of the current generation using the matrimonial website. Cloudi5 technology is a leading web design company in Coimbatore that designs and develops websites after a thorough analysis of updated trends and technologies. They build products as well as an attractive website that never fail to satisfy the clients.

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