Photoshop – A Versatile Player In Web Designing

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Adobe Photoshop is a designing software used by graphic designers for a long time and now it's updated with new competent features. Still, UI/UX designers continue using it for various tasks depending on the type of web design. It remains to be one of the most preferred because of its versatility and constant upgrade. With the arrival of new tools every year to update and improve the UI/UX designing techniques Photoshop has still managed to be one of the prominent competitors. Many alternatives like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc. are now available for the web designers' with the constant growth of UI/UX designing technology.

Here's a glance at Photoshop and its features in 2020

Photoshop Upgraded to version 21.2.2.

  • Enhancement of Preset panels
  • Object selection tools
  • Customized wrap option
  • Content-Aware Fill changes
  • Smart Object layers

Are some of the impressive features introduced in Photoshop that improves its compatibility with CSS, HTML, and other new software. Web design companies use Photoshop in creating dynamic web pages to elaborate on the virtual contents through catchy images. It is used in creating mockups, wireframes, various UI elements, and graphics. Let's look into some significant usage of Photoshop in designing the user interface that is undeniably commendable even today.

Posters & Banner designs

Posters and Banners are some of the important additions to any website these days. Photoshop is widely used to create attractive and informative banners to gain the users' attention in a fraction of seconds. Banners and Posters convey information on services offered, discounts, events, new arrivals, and much more effectively in a précised manner. Designing it with the Photoshop features like Brush management, Lightroom photo access, paint symmetry, group layer arranging, color, and luminous masking control, etc. are great to create splendid designs.

Website Logos

Logos are the identity of businesses. The logo design should represent the brand as expected. It is the major factor present in all aspects related to business and its marketing components. Logos are created using Photoshop tools but also with Illustrator. Experienced designers and web design companies have been using Photoshop for more than a decade. It also contains ready to use logo designs. The designer can mix and match its tools and play with it to enhance their innovative ideas. Creativity and innovative mind are all needed to build exceptional UI/UX design elements.

Homepage elements design

A homepage contains many elements that have the potential to hold the visitor on to the website for a long time. It must educate the user about the products/services in a short time so that the user continues further to become a customer. The Imaging and Design app allows the designer to create mobile apps, websites, banners, icons with ease.

Using Photoshop functional mockup of web pages can be created and the positioning of various elements can be tested. The layout of elements has a great visual impact on the viewers. Photoshop tools have many customized options like automated selection, transform selection, wrap enhancement to make the layout design clean, attractive, and functional.

Error 404 page

The error 404 page appears when a particular page is unavailable or has been removed from the website. It displays "page not found" message. This is one of the crucial pages to be designed in such a way that the visitor does not feel frustrated. This page aims to keep the user informed about the action. Designers do not underestimate this page, hence make the most out of it by inducing their creativity on this page to attract the users. Designers can use the ready to use or customizable templates to design this page smartly and make it look impressive even with minimum elements.

Portfolio pages and Service pages

Designing the portfolio pages and services pages are tedious and time-consuming tasks. These are the pages to build trust and educate the user about the brand and its products in depth. Photoshop tools coordinate with the designers to minimize the effort and create mind-blowing websites. For example, the stroke modes, blend modes, Fill layer, Paint bucket, etc. are used by the designers to work efficiently. They can also protect a part of the area by masking while doing manipulation to others. Designing companies have teams who are proficient in understanding the potential of Photoshop tools and use them effectively in building websites and applications.

The websites, applications, posters, banners, icons, logos, and many other elements can be designed using Photoshop. These elements are responsive too. They can be created on a device and can be used on many other devices.

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