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Social media as the name says is the best way to socialize these days. You can reach the nook and corner of the world in a few clicks. Social media marketing is a boon for many budding and existing brands. Though it looks quite simple when you say this, it actually takes a pretty good effort and many strategies to choose the best possible platform that suits your business. It depends on many aspects of your business and the social media services put together in order to get the apt solution. It is crucial to stay visible online to compete and keep up with the pace. To attain these goals hiring an experienced digital marketing agency can be beneficial.

All products and services are different in nature and preferred by a different audience. To conclude on which social media works best, you need to explore the purpose and nature of your business.

Let’s take a peek into the questions which can be useful in defining a perfect strategy for picking the suitable social media.

# Nature of your business - B2B, B2C, or SaaS.

# The target segment.

# Type of product and/or services.

# To connect with audience.

# Enhance brand awareness.

# Increase website traffic.

Moving on towards the goal with the answers to the above-mentioned points we now have a clear picture of strategy to be followed. Decide on what type of content will you be presenting to your audience. Social media is a promising platform for all the small and medium businesses to compete with the existing and proven brands, to be visible and reach a wide variety of customers. Social media gives ample opportunities to all businesses in various forms.

Some of the major social media platforms are


This is a platform widely used by billions of users all around the world. It has reached around 2.6 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2020. Businesses can understand the intent of the audience with the comments and follows they get. Improvise or include products and services as expected by the customers. Chatbot is an option added by Facebook which allows you to send updates and stay connected with the customers. Facebook ads manager can be used for paid advertising to target the audience with demographics like location, age, education, interest, income group, etc. You can also customize the images, videos, and contents to describe different aspects of your business. This improves connect with the audience and brings back many followers and loyal customers. Your customers can also shop using Facebook.


This social media is mostly about the latest news, current updates, and happenings around the industries. It’s a great platform for constant updates of your products and services. Twitter is a popular social media with 145 million daily active users. Most of the users are among the age group from 35 to 65. This can be used to influence the audience by connecting your business with trending topics and conversations. Contents like articles, images, and listicles can be posted to reach users. With this, you can keep the audience engaged. Hashtags are useful in following and participating in various trending topics. It also has the option of paid advertising through digital ads.


This is a platform where the businesses can share real-time images and videos connect live with the followers. You can also shop on Instagram. It’s a great social media for B2B connections. It has monthly active users over 400 million most of them being below 35. It provides creative tools to influence the users and a great visual presentation of products. Instagram allows you to tell the brand story and engage you constantly with the audience. The user can connect with you on direct chat to know more about your product and services. Instagram is obviously becoming one of the biggest influencing social media suitable for many businesses opting for social media marketing.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for professionals. The businesses aiming for a B2B connect and B2C connect can find a lot of useful links available on this media. The contents of Linkedin are mostly job openings, individual profiles, industry profiles, and related case studies. It is not a platform with any specific age group. Users of LinkedIn prefer to have networks and acquire more information from it. It also provides digital advertising options. Members can join groups and participate in conversations related to different industries. LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage and influence the users.


YouTube is the next largest search engine after google. This is one of the most influential platforms for many businesses. This is a wonderful social media to stay connected with the audience through video content. Such contents allow businesses to promote a wide range of products and services while describing it to customers in detail. Users can watch unlimited videos as many times as they prefer. With 2 billion users worldwide. It becomes one of the preferred form of marketing platform for many businesses.


Pinterest allows businesses to display their product images with unique pinboards and connect with the target audience. Users of this platform are largely interested in cosmetics, crafts, home improvement products, wedding accessories, etc. It has a more female audience. The Pinterest buy option makes it flexible enough to sell from your Pinterest page directly. It is very convenient for both users and the business to connect and execute the process comfortably. This is valuable in the form of visibility, sales, and developing a brand personality.


Businesses can connect with related communities, share content, discuss various topics, and upload the contents on this social media. You can share images, texts, and links with the community members. Any topic that you think is useful and will influence your audience can be a topic of discussion. This can improve visibility and website traffic for your business.

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