Pros And Cons Of Single Page Website Design

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Making a choice between single-page website design and multi-page design is important and tricky particularly in this decade driven by social media, internet, and other disruptive technologies. Single page web designs are one among the notable web trends across the globe and this has gained significance particularly with the surge in mobile and social media browsing.

Single page websites, also called parallax scrolling websites to have only one HTML page with content and images fit into them. Listed below are their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of single-page website design-

  • Better control over information

When a website has multiple pages, they are visitor-driven because they have the option to navigate through multiple pages and consume information that they want. There are also chances that users miss some crucial content. While on a single page, the owner of the site has control over the order in which the user consumes information. They can choose to showcase in the order that it promotes the generation of potential leads.

  • Easy Navigation

Amidst the hustle-bustle of this rapidly moving world, A responsive website design enables users to save time. They are easy to search, read, consume and make quick decisions as the content is appealing and eye-catching. This saves a lot of time in comparison with the multi-page designs.

  • Seek immediate attention

The main objective and purpose of having a website are to generate and deliver important messages and attract customers in no time. One can consolidate all the content and the user can find it easily on a single page without having to turn multiple pages to arrive at conclusions and making decisions of purchase.

  • Enhanced mobile-friendliness

People accessing websites through mobile phones may feel inconveniences in accessing multiple pages through mobile. Single-Page website design is more responsive and is better optimized for visitors accessing the web page through mobile phones.

Cons of single-page website

  • Longer loading time

As images, graphics, multimedia, etc. are all put up in a single page, it obviously would take a longer time to load everything in the page. The increased loading time may affect the Google Ranking and as well as cause inconvenience to the user, who may choose to leave if the website isn’t loading to their expected speed.

  • Difficult to analyze the Google Analytics data

If a website has multiple pages, it will be easier to leverage the data on Google analytics to arrive at conclusions on the number of website visitors for each page and to understand the content that users find attractive. In single page sites, it is impossible to understand such information as everything is loaded on a single page.

  • Forces visitors to scroll more

As everything from graphics, images to text is consolidated to fit in a single page, the visitors are compelled to scroll several times to understand the intricacies of the site offerings. Users may feel disinterested and may choose to leave before choosing to avail of the benefits of the website's offerings.

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