Role Of E-Mail Marketing In Boosting Up The ECommerce Revenue

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Surviving the competition in the vast and constantly evolving world of businesses require ingenious and striking tricks. One of the most important tricks is building a connection with the user on the digital platform 24/7. Digital marketing is an indispensable tool to reach the maximum amount of audiences in a short span. Various digital marketing strategies are involved in creating brand awareness and educating the users about the products and expansion of businesses.

E-mail marketing is not just one among them but a strong pillar to maintain the existing connections and generate new ones gradually. It is direct communication between the customer and the brand. The customers feel happy and satisfied when they connect directly with the seller. Hence, with the majority of businesses trading online Email becomes a solid tool to establish an everlasting and growing relationship with the customer.

E-commerce businesses can make use of email marketing in various ways to spike up there sales. A variety of information about products, services, offers, discounts, seasonal arrivals, and much more can be shared with the user to convert them into a potential buyer. The key is to provide the right information to the right user. These actions from e-commerce enhance loyal customers and help in gaining trust further even during any accidental discrepancies.

Email marketing strategies to benefit e-commerce trades

Signing in with email address

To connect with the user it's necessary to acquire their email ID at some point when they are browsing your website. The most suitable one can be to provide access to the e-commerce website via an e-mail address. Even if the user is just an occasional visitor the awareness of the brand and products sent through emails can convert them into a user and later a customer.

Welcome mail

Welcoming the customer once they have signed up sends a positive signal. It says you value them. This can be the right moment to send a set of welcome emails that reveal something important about your brand and offer some incentives like coupons on the purchase, discounts, etc. These steps encourage the customer to visit your e-commerce website frequently. An autoresponder series gains the attention of the user and enhances their experience.

Running Ads

Running ads for sale can be effective while the products of a lower price range. This can gain loyal customers and potential e-mails address for future use. The goal here is an immediate reaction from the customer. Whereas running Lead ads can also promote lead magnets for the products of the higher price range. If the user wants to receive the lead magnet then the relationship steps into the consequent levels. Either way, ads can be productive when targeted right.

Seasonal and Promotional emails

Targeting customers during seasonal sales can prove productive in improving the customer base and revenue. Every country and region has celebration and festive seasons that contribute to the growth of numerous businesses. It is crucial to analyze the right season suitable to market the right products.

The promotional emails are yet another treat to the customers. Never forget to offer a little extra to loyal customers as retention is more valuable. The promotional offers can be used to attract new visitors to subscribe to your e-commerce website. During these promotional season list of your emails will also grow that is valuable for the future email marketing process.

Segmenting and Personalizing

It is crucial to know the target customers as this is the starting point of any marketing strategy. Segmenting the target audience enables the businesses to achieve the desired goal. For example, if you sell mobile phones then your target segment will comprise mostly of men, women, and teens. Whereas a cosmetics business will aim to target young girls and women. Therefore sending emails to these targets is necessary.

Once we get hold of target users we should understand their intent. This can be obtained from the product searches of the user. The email can be personalized with the information related to the interested product, any special occasion or wishes that says you value them. Such email campaigns have a higher rate of conversion. Using Autopilot can ensure you don't miss your valuable customers or leads.

Attracting the cart abandoned customers

Email campaigns can give amazing results in converting the cart abandoned customers. Such customers leave the website without completing the transaction due to various reasons. As you already know the interest of the customer sending emails related to their needs can bring them back to your e-commerce store. Emails on new arrivals, similar products on offer, discounts, free delivery, etc. can turn out productive.

Responsive email designs

It's a matter of fact that the customers use various devices to view the websites. Mobile phones top the list as most of us do all our online transactions and tasks with it. Most web designing companies ensure that websites are optimized for different devices. The motive of the email campaign fails drastically if you don't have a responsive website. Hence, this modern age demands all the websites to be mobile friendly to enhance the experience of buyers as well as sellers.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, all businesses need to concentrate on a few more aspects of the website.

  • Digital marketing strategies involved in all the stages of the customer's lifecycle should be planned well before starting the email marketing campaign.
  • The appearance and information of the landing pages should satisfy the user. These pages should contain appropriate elements like products, offers, pages linked to images, etc.
  • Popups on the page should not ask for signup right away instead direct the visitors to more related information and then request to subscribe.
  • Social proof of your brand is very important. It should be linked accordingly or sent to appropriate segments. Segmentation can bring in more potential leads.

Analyzing the results of email marketing campaigns and correcting them whenever needed ensures proper use of time and resources. Digital marketing companies provide strategies and tools to suit your specific e-commerce business needs that can help you in analyze and make required changes.

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