SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) – An Indispensable Part Of Businesses

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Search engine result pages are capable of taking your business straight into the user's desk using smart techniques and technologies. It displays answers in different forms for user's queries. SERPs come up with unique results and links every time the user types in the same keyword on google search. These search results are personalized based on the audience's location, preferences, and many other facets related to it. Every business needs to understand the nature and working format of SERPs as most of them have an online connection with their valuable clients. Digital marketing companies constantly put the effort into creating and implementing strategies using the existing and newly updated techniques that are beneficial to various businesses in improving their visibility. Let's dive in deep to explore the usability of the SERPs.

Types of search results on SERPs

Organic results

Organic results emphases on quality and productivity of the contents. They are based on ranking signals that reflect various metrics. Visibility of your brand on the organic search results can be improved using SEO techniques. It takes a little while yet it's very powerful.

Paid results

Paid results list the businesses that have paid for the keywords being typed by the users. They appear on top of the other ads. Businesses pay for each click on the ad displayed.

Features of SERPs

Knowledge panels - They are the information boxes next to the search result listed on SERPs. It contains descriptions, images, facts, and links on the topic searched. These details are fetched from the knowledge graph and relevant web sources. Your business can also appear on the knowledge graph as it gets popular and ranked higher on search engines.

Featured Snippets - The featured Snippets display the details of a business listed on the search engine results. Information like title, ratings, specialty, and the link to your website is displayed. The rich snippets display more information.

News - News content is a specific sphere that collects news data from numerous digital sources and displays it based on the user's search needs. Location, weather, navigation, filters, etc. are some of the features available for the audience to personalize the search.

Images - The images feature displays images as results on the top of the SERPs wherever the search engine finds them more suitable.

Local pack - The local pack describes the location of the locally available businesses that suits best with the input provided by the user. Consists of the rating and three suitable availabilities nearby. Getting listed on locals increases the productivity and credibility of your brand.

Related questions - It provides an exploration of the topics that are displayed by the search engine algorithms automatically in the form of questions. These questions lead the user to relevant links contains detailed answers. They are listed in a box placed somewhere on the SERPs.

Shopping - These are the images with specification and price beneath them. It comprises of paid ads and product listing in the form of images mostly above the organic search results. They attract potential buyers to select their preference from the list. Depending on the marketing budget of the business you can choose the best option.

Google ads - They are paid promotions by businesses to improve sales and SERP ranking. These ads display details of the brand and its product that the visitor has searched for. Mostly they appear on top and sometimes at the bottom of the search engine results. It is one of the proven techniques to improve SEO. Google ads can increase the conversion rate almost instantly. Framing the ads with a suitable keyword strategy is a crucial factor. Hence bidding for the exact keyword will fetch you a good ROI.

The features explained above will push your business up on the search engine result page. Understanding updating yourself with all the available options on SERPs will be useful in refining your SEO practices. Cloudi5 pros are available to get you started with digital marketing ideas to improve your position on SERPs. It is all about the quality of content you build. One of the best options to improve your SEO is through blogging. They provide a solution to numerous customers in one shot.



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