The Power Of Backlinks

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Backlinks widen the connectivity and broaden the visibility among the users through other websites. When a website creates an outbound link to your website content it is a backlink for you. Similarly, you can provide backlinks to other related websites. Using this technique you can reach more audiences through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These earned inbound links are recognized by the search engines to rank the websites. For instance, there are two similar contents with a different number of backlinks. The search engines rank the website with more number of backlinks higher considering the quality of the contents and the backlinks. The ranking algorithm of search engines keeps changing constantly.

Backlinks can be technically classified into two categories. Within each category, there are many types of backlinks.

nofollow and dofollow links

These links allow the search engines to either pass on the authority or not based on the rel="nofollow" HTML code. Links that do not contain the nofollow tag are considered as dofollow links. As a result, dofollow link juices improve the website strength, ranking and increase the viewers. According to recent updates, the search engine crawls the nofollow tags too.

Other than the technical difference the backlinks can be good links and bad links depending on the quality and credibility of the sources they are acquired from. Using various metrics the search engine measures the authority of websites and web pages that play a crucial role in the google ranking algorithm. The domain authority reveals the potential of the overall domain and its sub-domains and the page authority tell the potential of the contents of a page inside the domain. While acquiring or providing links these indicators of the websites decide the crawlability in SERPs.

Good links and bad links

Links that are built naturally have high credibility and relativity is considered as good links. When your website content is of high-quality other websites link you back to add information to their points. It can also be a citation for their content. Generating such links is known as organic link building which is a difficult task. Apart from this, other good links are useful in improving SEO.

Some of the good links are:

  • Editorial backlinks - If your website has contents that are popular or related to present requirements of the industry, then you get backlinks from authoritative journalists, bloggers, and publishers to back their work as a reference or add on the information.
  • Guest blogging - Guest blogging enhances the value of readers. When you stay linked to websites through guest blogging it builds the relationship to backlinks. It is more of an SEO strategy to promote the brand than a direct backlink method. Yet it contributes to linking contents. The quality and usability of the blog content drive in more traffic and links.
  • Relationship-based backlinks - This is similar to editorial backlinks. When the authoritative websites regularly link you it establishes trust and relationship to further link your content.

Apart from the above, many backlinks are good links but do not favor all the time. Backlinks such as niche directories, general directories, webinar links, header footer sidebar links, etc. have both positive and negative effects on SEO. It is essential to avoid bad links as it can lead to penalization. The spam score is yet another feature that your website ranking is affected by. The spamming score is the amount of sites features similar to penalized ones. There are link spams inserted in the pages for taking advantage of the ranking algorithm. Backlinks from comment spams and irrelevant websites reduce the value leading to a penalty.

The backlinks can be improved using various tools such as RankSignals, BacklinkTest, SEO Spyglass, etc. The digital marketing companies plan strategies and perform analysis to enhance the quality backlinks of your website. They constantly monitor the bad links, DA, PA, and spam scores to retain your website position in the search engine ranking algorithm. Backlinks play a vital role in digital marketing strategies that contribute to the growth of your business.

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