Tips For Improving The UI/UX Of An E-Commerce Website

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The User Interface of a website is its graphical layout, the menu buttons, sliders, images, text, etc. Overall, it covers anything and everything that the user interacts with, on the website and thus its design requires a well-thought-through process and significant attention. While on the other hand, UX stands for the User Experience and it is determined by how the user interacts with the site. Thus, it is more about the experience-whether users find it easy or hard to interact with the interface elements incorporated in the UI design. It is more about usability, accessibility and performance.  For an e-commerce website, the User Interface and the user experience are the most important aspects in grabbing the attention of the user and in ensuring that they are retained. The overall benefits of a good website for E-Commerce business are immense.

Position your logo appropriately

Because the logo is what most users catch at the very first glimpse of the site,  it plays a key role in branding the business. The brand identity is an important attribute that differentiates your brand from your competitors. Have a clear, attractive logo, and position it such that it is easy-to-see and recognizable. Studies demonstrate that it’s best to locate the logo on the top left.

Improve and simplify navigation

Consumers have a natural tendency to prefer websites that are easy to navigate and hence it is an important attribute in attracting the customers and in retaining them.  Make sure that the following elements are well-incorporated in the interface because they tend to ease the navigation for the website-

i. Location and appearance of the menu buttons, search box and search filters,

Ii. Lesser time to load the pages

Iii. Display of reviews and ratings

Iv. Easy saving of items in the shopping cart

V. Broadcast all the information about the product and the seller.

Reduce complexity

Saving the time and efforts of the user is of the utmost importance when it comes to improving UX for e-commerce websites. Simplifying the check-in and check-out process, minimizing the number of operations while ensuring that the user gets what he needs in a minimal effort, and using colors to highlight content and to group products. Also, incorporate algorithms that filter and display products or services as per the customer’s need while also making sure that the layout is eye-appealing.

Use visual elements in an effective manner

Elements like color, shape and texture play a key role in enhancing the attractiveness of the website. The consistency of these visual elements is highly important because it helps users navigate through the site and improves the credibility of the brand. As these elements create a deeper sense of impact on a product and the business, it is important that you present them in the most perceivable format.

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