Tips & Tricks To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

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Mobile applications are proven to increase the visibility of the businesses and build a strong brand value owing to being accessible from anywhere, anytime and offering personalization to a degree higher than ever before. But the cost of development has been skyrocketing and this article is intended to help founders and businesses reduce the Mobile app development cost without a compromise on the values. 

List the requirements

Have a clear vision and document the requirements of your application after a thorough analysis of the purpose of the application and the business challenges that it should solve. Structure the requirements in a presentable format, so that you can reference this to the app maker and look up for their cost and time estimate. Having a precise goal and paying attention to the smallest details would help you prioritize things, bridge gaps, and build a detailed scope of work for your project. 

Outsourcing a Mobile App development company

Once your goal and requirements are finalized, you can either hire an in-house developer or choose to outsource an agency. But outsourcing the development process reduces the cost of development, fewer overheads, and the company can have access to a wider pool of talent. The overall quality will be superior as they can choose a company with a good reputation and experience to save time and money. 

Aim to build a value-rich app and not a feature-rich one. 

Increasing the features only add to the complexity of the application and don’t necessarily increase the app experience. What matters more is the value that the application offers to the customer. Merely increasing features which don’t benefit the customer only surges the cost of building the application. So, convey the essential features and core functionality to the app creator without being carried away by the initial excitement to build a feature-rich app. 

Decide the platform for your app.

Though having an application developed for every platform-iOS, Android, Windows, etc. will ensure that the application reaches more users, the cost of development is for sure to go high. To keep the cost of development as low as possible, you should target a single platform based on your business requirements and the preferred platform of your customers. By targeting a single platform, you can reduce the cost by two-thirds. 75% of devices run on Android and is the leading platform. You can choose to build an Android app if reaching a large consumer base is your primary goal. Opting to build a Cross-platform application is another economical alternative. 

Make the best use of Open source templates. 

Building software or an application from scratch isn’t a cheap affair. It consumes huge efforts and takes a long time. The best is to start with some existing frameworks from the large pool of tried and tested templates available online, that would fit your requirements. When you choose an experienced mobile application development company, they would make optimal use of open source frameworks and templates developed for previous builds and this would cut down the development time and cost. 

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