Trending SEO Tactics In The Digital Marketing World

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Digital marketing techniques are endless and evolving with the developing technology. Following the same SEO techniques do not work for a long time. Marketers need to explore new search engine updates to implement various strategies and gain a higher ranking. The search engine ranks your brand based on expertise, authority, and trust (E.A.T). Hence, focusing on these three aspects of marketing strategies will help in reaching your goals faster.

It's time to dig into new trends in implementing SEO marketing tactics as we stepping into the New Year. Let us check out the changes, search engine updates, and developments that will influence SEO results.

Responsive website

Mobile phones have occupied an important place in everyone's life. It means the users prefer to find solutions, products, and services in just a click. Search engines consider the responsiveness of websites as important criteria to list your brand higher on SERPs. The users should be able to access your website on any device effortlessly. Ensure the fonts are legible and readable even when the screen size changes. Optimize the images and other visuals to fit the needs. When the screen size reduces the website contents should respond to the finger touch as expected.

Role of AI and machine learning

Using various forms of AI the search engine algorithm can understand the intent of the search and relate it to the right content. It is used to filter and relate the content and links to optimize keyword search. RankBrain and BERT are power tools capable of correcting spelling mistakes, provide accurate synonyms, and decode the search keywords' intent. The implementation of AI has now enhanced the functions of search engines as well as websites. Ensure to build the website relevant content so that the google algorithm can identify and list your brand higher on the result pages.

User experience

Google aims to provide a seamless experience to its users and introduces various metrics. Quick loading websites with quality content can engage the audience for a longer time and increase the traffic. The search engines consider speed, interactivity, and visual stability as the core web vitals to place your website on the top. Apart from this security and mobile-friendliness are required to gain trust. Focusing on things like a simple menu, clear layout, and navigation aspects can be planned well to enhance the user experience. Using Google tools you can measure all the features of your website and make necessary changes.


Ranking high on SERPs means your brand has authority that in turn, says the audiences trust you. E.A.T is a principle that google has enforced to measure websites. The expertise you have in your industry is reflected in the way you influence the users and other brands in a similar business. Contents are the key to gain authority and reach a wide variety of audience. Useful, interesting, and knowledgeable content can gradually improve visibility. When the contents are linked and shared by the audience your brand authority gets a boost.

The borders of SEO marketing are expanding continuously as the digital landscape demands it. Businesses have to plan their digital marketing strategies based on the changes and developments in the IT industry. Cloudi5 technology is a leading digital marketing company that helps businesses grow with the changing trends and guide them through all the latest SEO tactics to maximize their returns.

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