Vue JS And React JS – The Trending Power Players In Web Designing And Development

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The world of web development is encountering new trends and technologies every day. This has led to the constant evolution of qualitative web designing tools empowering the frontend and backend experts. Vue.js and React.js are two undeniably competent frameworks of JavaScript backing the development of impressive single-page applications and web applications trending these days. These tools are easy to learn, work with, and have overcome the complexities of famous Angular JS. Being a web design and development company cloudi5 team explores all the updates and innovations of the industry and provides exceptional service to its valuable customers. Today let's unveil the interesting features of Vue.js and React.js that have boosted the capability of the designers and increased their productivity.


Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used to build an interactive user interface of web apps. It is based on a view-model- model-view and a lightweight library that integrates well with other APIs, CSS, and HTML. Vue JS has entered the list of most preferred JavaScript frameworks very quickly as it is simple to understand.

Efficient features of Vue JS

Vue.js uses virtual DOM which allows the designer to do manipulations on the mockup data structure instead of the real one.

  • It uses distinct blocks for HTML, JS, and CSS so that the designer finds it easy to understand and work. It allows the user to write codes in the preprocessor, and use templates for rendering functions or JSX.
  • Can be used to multi-page interactive web applications in a short time by injecting Vue components.
  • It can check the unwanted rendering of child components and avoid it
  • The v-bind data binding feature in Vue.js allows the manipulation of style and assignment of values to HTML attributes using binding directives.
  • Vuex state management pattern and its library manage the components to ensure a defined mutation. No local state is needed as it contains detailed documentation.


React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used to build UI elements of SPAs and automatically re-render them when needed. It uses virtual DOM as the former tool does. React.js has a large community to support and quite popular among the developers.

Rich elements of React JS

  • The flexible structure and scalability are useful in building large apps conveniently
  • React JS uses JSX to build blocks of React UI, and React components that can be injected in the web pages with HTML syntax.
  • React JS uses Native reacts to create both mobile and web applications.
  • React JS also uses virtual DOM which expedites the designing process and provides scalability.
  • Reusable codes and components simplify the development process.

As we saw both Vue JS and React JS has specific features that support the productivity of web application depending on the needs of the project. These frameworks enrich the scope of web page UI while lessening the effort of designers.

Vue JS and React JS have some features in common which amplifies their usage depending on the convenience of the web designer.

Similarities in Vue JS & React JS

  • Both are component-based structure
  • Use virtual DOM
  • Contain core library to address routing and state management
  • Both are open-source, small-sized lightweight tools.

Opting anyone if these two can be the designers' choice as both have the ability to create complex web applications. React.js has a large ecosystem with experts to support and update constantly. Whereas Vue.js has all the support built within and simplifies many traditional tools that provide the convenience of quick learning.

We at cloudi5 technologies have a range of professionals with an open mindset to adopt innovations and technical developments whenever required and also possess a wide knowledge of the existing technology.

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