Web Design Trend: White Space Designs

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What is white space?

If you have heard, recently the term white space designs are a trend. The reason is that the human eye recognizes clear and organized pictures more than a picture with too many colors, images, and contents.

White space in web design or graphic design is the space with white background between the lines of paragraphs, layouts, and margins of the design or a web page. White space need not be an empty white background, it can be any background color or image. But make sure that you give a refreshing look.

Why does it matter?

Designers have incorporated this design concept in their works recently. They believe this new design pattern not only makes their UI attractive but also increases the conversion rate of their business. Who never turns back to you if your designs are attractive enough? White space does that conversion part without much effort. Here are some of the factors of white space in website designing.


Using white space in your website clears the clogged content and images and gives your readers a legible reading and understanding of the information provided in the site. White space between lines, paragraphs, and margins increase the readability by 20%.


When everything is clear your readers get the focus on the webpage easily. The space between the margins and paragraphs gives your readers the exact focal point where you have the main information want to be conveyed. For understanding, this, look at the Apple website. They don’t use much content or image and that’s how they get your attention.


A brand is not something you create overnight. But consistency in design patterns and marketing makes your product or business familiar among the mass. If your design patterns are what your customers look for, then your business will be out to the world sooner you expect.


If you strike your readers with quality images and website, your readers will start to admire your creativity. Their response soon will turn them to your customers. A clear image and on-point communication website will bring you new and valid customers consistently.

Creating white space designs will be the right choice. To know how it will improvise your business exactly, talk with our web design expert today and picture your future business. For more Information about our services please visit Cloudi5

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