Web Development Trends In 2020

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Novel opportunities emanate with the emergence of a new decade. Given the fact that Web development is a rapidly evolving domain, it’s important for web developers to stay tuned to the latest updates and changes to be able to survive and rise above the rest.  On the other hand, harnessing such skills shall help web developers ensure cost savings for the business as well as better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We have compiled the trends and technologies that shall rule the world of web development.

Chatbots and other online support tools

Demand for chatbots is expected to increase rapidly in 2020. Building a chatbot is one of the easiest ways to optimize your website and they are one of the primary drivers of improving user experiences on-site. This guarantees customer engagement and customer satisfaction as their queries can be answered spontaneously. Businesses irrespective of their size and scale prefer chatbots and other online support tools because this improves the reach and accessibility of their products and services.

Voice Search optimization

With advancements in technology, modes of searching for information on the web has also evolved. The latest is the voice search and has begun to gain prominence with more users preferring voice search program to search for something. Before optimizing your website for voice search, you should pay attention to understanding how your target beneficiary talks about your product or services. And then come up with appropriate phrases that can be used for optimizing the website.

Responsive, Smartphone friendly web designs

With a significant rise in the number of smartphone users, it becomes more important to design websites such that they perform equally well on mobile phones. Google also looks up to mobile-friendly attributes of web designs to rank websites and web applications appropriately. Having a responsive design is a must-have and so invest your energy and efforts in developing a site whose primary content & markup is the same across both mobile and desktop.

Single Page Applications

Single-page applications are an emerging trend and with the immense benefits they offer, they are for sure expected to rule web development in 2020. They are based on Javascript and works well on user devices. Given the hustle-bustle of daily life for customers these days, they increasingly prefer to procure products and services in a very short span of time and with minimal energy. As Single page applications load faster, and there are no interruptions due to page reloading, they are increasingly preferred by users and web developers.

AI-based content creation and curation

The reach, visibility, and success of a website is principally determined by the quality of its content. Artificial Intelligence may take over the curation process and enable a better match with the content with the user. This may help the developer in identifying and uploading an interesting and appealing content to the user, eliminating the gap between the content required by the user and the one that is delivered. AI has the power to enable websites to offer personalized content to better target users on a large scale.

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