Website Templates Vs Custom Web Design: Which One Is The Best?

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Immediately after a business has decided to launch a website, of the several questions that daunt them, the most important is to decide if they should go with custom website design or use the website templates.  This article is intended to pinpoint the differences, list their pros and cons and help businesses make a perfect choice.

1. Custom Website Design


Given the saturated environment of today’s web world, a custom web design would ensure that the website is unique, creative and stands apart from the crowd and competitors. It is an opportunity to showcase your company’s brand, mission, and culture through designs. They are expandable, flexible and are easier to manage as you can add features and functionalities as per your wish.

This will help the business gain a competitive edge as custom web designs are more SEO friendly and so they get ranked higher than the templates. You can effectively reach your target audience with the right set of features and design. The site can be tested to work across all browsers. With the content management system, you can update the website from anywhere.


To develop a custom website design, one requires the knowledge and expertise and so you would require the support of a professional website design and development company. It is more expensive than purchasing a ready-to-use template. It also requires a greater effort and consumes a higher duration than the template sites.

2. Website Templates


Unlike a site built with custom web design, those that use templates require a shorter time. There are websites that offer a wide range of ready-to-use website design templates with in-built features, which could be selected as per your business and requirements. Hence, this doesn’t require special skills or expertise and someone who doesn’t know HTML/CSS can create a template site. Thus, this is less expensive than the custom site design.


Website design templates are not designed with SEO strategies and hence there are chances that you could lose an opportunity to be ranked at the top. There is a high probability that your competitor or someone else could be using the same template and so it might get lost in the digital space. Your site may not stand out from them. Browser compatibility is a notable disadvantage commonly found with template site designs. There is a limitation on how much you can customize within the site. It’s highly challenging to fit in the images, text or video.

Who should use a custom web design?

If you are looking for a website that is scalable, flexible and unique, a Custom web design is ideal. Though the initial investment is high, the cost of updating and maintenance is relatively lower. If you are facing huge competition, a uniquely designed custom site would help you stand out from others and being SEO friendly would help you reach the targeted audience.

Who should purchase a Template?

If your budget is low or if you would require a website designed quickly, it’s better to purchase a website template. If you do not know web programming and still would like to host a website, template design is an ideal choice. If you have no particular design in mind, you can easily choose one by surfing those of templates that are available online.

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