What Is The Most Affordable Mailchimp Alternative In 2019?

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Business owners and marketing departments of companies opt for email marketing solutions to stay connected to the customer. Businesses look for software and tools to manage the long-list of email id’s of subscribers and to send them emails periodically. MailChimp is one of the best tools in the incumbent email marketing industry with easy-to-use features and they offer free access to features until it reaches 2000 subscribers.

But if your mailing list is more than 2000 or if it keeps growing continuously beyond that limit, you have to pay a comparatively higher price. You have to pay a huge price, just to store your mailing list in their servers. And with time, they have restricted the accessibility of several important features in the free plan, to drive enough customers into their paid plans. Like for instance, you may not be able to upload your own emailing template and they have also changed the number of mailing list to only one. You’re forced to upgrade to the standard plans if you have to use several automation features.

When you’re looking for an alternative brainstorm as to the primary feature requirement and benefits you are looking from such platforms.

  • No restrictions and limits on the number of subscribers.
  • Should it have a template builder or a gallery that is easy for quick email creations?
  • Easy to use even for beginners, and can be integrated with your lead generation tools, Wordpress plugins, etc.
  • Offer data-driven detailed reports to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns
  • Automated features including responders and drip campaigners.

Top 2 MailChimp Alternatives in the email marketing services industry.


If you’re a small business, one of the best affordable alternative available for Mailchimp is SendinBlue. This is targeted and tailored with easily accessible interfaces to beginners and small business owners. You can send 300 emails per day and store unlimited contacts. You can scale as you grow and the rates are as low as $25 per month fro 40,000 emails. The premium plans are not list-based but are based on the number of emails you send out.

It enables businesses with more targeted and personalized marketing solutions through emails and SMS & has marketing automation workflows, autoresponder campaigns, and optimization tools. It also sends in-depth reports and statistics of campaigns.


Though the number of users you can reach in the free plan is restricted to 1000 in Mailerlite unlike Mailchimp that allows 2000 users, the number of accessible features in the free plan is considerably high in the former. And in the premium plans, the demarcation is quite clear. Up to 5000 users, the pricing in Mailerlite is $20 whereas it is $50 in Mailchimp, and for 10000 subscribers Mailerlite charges you $35 and MailChimp charges $75. So, for Small businesses and Startups, Mailerlite is a proven alternative to MailChimp. Mailerlite has round the clock customer support and ranks the top in Customer satisfaction surveys. It has integrated the process of capturing mail addresses, creating landing pages and web forms, making it a complete marketing solution to businesses. They provide features like auto resend and unsubscribe page building which is not the case in Mailchimp. Mailerlite provides 24 x 7 Customer support whereas Mailchimp doesn’t provide any support for free users and for paid users, it’s only between 8 AM-6 PM ET. 

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