A Peek Into Googles Mobile-First Indexing

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Here comes the enforcement of mobile-first indexing to rank all the websites and contents on the SERPs. . It should be adopted by all businesses to enhance online presence and higher ranking on SERPs. This feature was enabled quite some time back but has not been implemented fully due to technical reasons and unlikely situations. Now with the digital world growing much faster than ever and mobile-first indexing becomes a necessity. Preparing your website is essential for the search bots to crawl and index the contents on the SERPs.

# Need for updating your websites

Mobile phones are the primary source to fulfill the online search and shopping needs of the users. The device does not require specific space or expensive arrangements and flexible to use anywhere at any time. After a thorough study, the search engines insist on the business to upgrade for the mobile version to enhance the visibility of your brand. The aim is to optimize the websites to be mobile friendly and provide solutions to the maximum audience. Let us look into the aspects that are required to prepare your website for mobile-first indexing.

# Technical updates and checks

To prepare your website for mobile-first indexing means the website should work and look the same on the mobile phones as it does on the desktop. Updating the codes, URLs, Meta tags will enhance the identification of web contents by the google bots. Change the website structure to suit mobile friendly needs. With the help of google console, you can check the ranking position, crawl status, and the shortcomings if any. Detect the errors that are likely to affect your website loading speed and performance. Some of the crawl issues can be due to errors such as 404, server, connection timeout, no response, etc.

Diagnosing the technical errors and fixing them will improve the optimization process and enable the contents to be indexed by the search engine algorithm. Reducing the browser width and minifying the on-page resources will offer a rich experience to the users. Building a responsive website is not a choice anymore. Either update your current website or build one that is responsive to be visible on all devices without any discrepancy.

# Optimizing the website elements

Performance depends on the type of content present on your website. Ensure to compress them so that they load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. They should look the same on all the screen sizes. The action buttons, popups, search bar, and menu are an important part that the audience uses to interact on the website. Interlink and organize them to help the google bots to crawl and rank the required information.

Contents are the core factors to take your brand closer to the users. Elements like the selection of texts, layout, and spacing play a crucial role when the users open your web contents on mobile phones. It should be viewable and manageable on the small screen size for which you need to use software that is updated and recognizable by the search engines. Quality and relevancy of contents should not be compromised, as they are the pillars of any brand. They educate the audience about the importance of your brand and improve its credibility. Based on the relevancy the search engine displays your content on the SERPs.

Mobile-friendly websites gain more audience and can establish brand power faster than desktop-only websites. Ensuring the same data structure, contents, visuals, heading, and Meta tags help the google algorithm to relate your information and provide a solution to the audiences. Making these changes requires experienced digital marketing experts. Cloudi5 technologies is a digital marketing company that provides services to all size businesses. It supports them in acquiring maximum visibility on the digital platform. Mobile-first indexing is not a new aspect to most technology professionals as they have been working on it since its inception in 2016. Therefore, now it's just a step ahead to improve the connection between the suppliers and consumers.

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