All You Need To Know About Web Crawlers

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Businesses are on a spree to ensure that their websites rank at the top on search engines. To get their websites indexed at the front page, it is essential to have a structure that allows crawler bots to crawl through the site. SEO is the best way to get business to the next level and the significance of search engine optimization has grown multifold. While indexing a business site atop is the main goal of SEO strategies, understanding how crawlers work would help businesses in building and offering content that is optimized to the search engines.  

What is a web crawler?

Crawlers are software programs that automatically crawl and search across the web pages to index them for search engines. They do so by passing through the public pages on the websites, to glean the page information including meta tags and copy. Once the data is collected and curated, they are stored for the search engine’s algorithm to read and align them to rank the sites. The built index enables the search engine to fetch the information sought by the user spontaneously.

The bot would first crawl around the known set of pages, and then follow the hyperlinks in those pages to look into the other pages, and so on. Using this data collected from crawlers, Google or Bing would generate the web pages list in response to the queries raised by the user.

How do crawlers work?

The following shall present an overall picture of how crawlers work to index the pages

  1. Search Engines use crawl frontier to understand and identify if the bots should use the links from sitemaps, indexed sites, or check out for new links
  2. A seed set containing information on databases, previously indexed links, or sitemaps, are passed on from search engines to the crawlers.
  3. By acquiring the seed information from search engines, crawlers analyze the same and add them to the index.
  4. Because crawlers are always hovering around pages, web developers can perceive the frequency of crawling by using some crucial metrics like performance and traffic of their site.
  5. Crawlers can be blocked from accessing your site by using robots.txt to remove or exclude their user agent.

Every crawler has a particular time frame and budget fixed, the effectiveness of which can be maximized by improving the navigation and other optimization features. Using bots like robots.txt, users can instruct the crawler about the specific areas on the site that have to be crawled. This information is placed in the Search console of that search engine, clearly instructing the crawlers on the area that has to be indexed.

Crawler vs Scraper

While scraping is all about extracting data from a website automatically using bots to scrape them, web crawler bots navigate data to capture them to enable search engines to refine the SERP with more relevance to the information sought by the user.

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