Building A Hassle-free Ecommerce Checkout Process

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The continuous lockdown measures and cautionary directives that were erected to contain and curb the spread of the pandemic have restricted movements of people and goods. This has forced consumers to procure their goods and services online, and research shows that the e-commerce industry is booming. Time has never been more appropriate for businesses to build their online presence and to gain visibility and sales. The benefits of good web design for the E-Commerce business are immense. This blog is intended to help businesses and brands design an easy-peasy eCommerce checkout process for customers and a final checklist for an e-commerce website with important UI design trends.

Simplify the process

Make sure to incorporate simple, easy steps. The longer the time and greater the efforts the process demands, it is less likely that customers will proceed any further. Avoid complicated, unnecessary steps and offer an effortless, hassle-free shopping experience to the customer.

Don’t ask for too many details

Firsthand, It’s important to understand that not all customers will be interested in entering information and data to support your marketing process. Forcing them to do so will motivate them to abandon the shopping process. Make sure that you include a guest option where customers who do not intend to go through the registration process, find an easy way to go ahead with shopping.

Consider social media registration

Given the rapid penetration of social media platforms, e-commerce websites shall enable the provision of an option to customers for registration through social media handles. This will reduce the complexity for customers on one hand, while on the other, the business can avail access to crucial insights for marketing.

Incorporate auto-filling attributes on your billing form

Entering details every time is a time consuming and cumbersome process. Most customers hate filling forms, and more so on mobile devices. You can ease the process by adding an autofill option whose script is simple and straightforward to add.

Avoid too many features and options

One must understand that the primary motive of an e-commerce website development is to enhance sales and not just to appeal to them with mind-boggling designs and attractive features. So, the point is do not overload features and too many options that actually dilute the purpose of the website and the business. Keep them as minimal as possible so as to ensure that the customers are motivated to complete the purchase and not abandon them.

Add feedback options at the end of the sale

Asking for feedback before the customer concludes shopping will disrupt the process and may cost you more. So build a feedback form at the end, once the sales process is complete.

Ensure responsiveness and fast loading times.

Because consumers rely on various devices for shopping, all e-commerce websites should be optimized for such devices including mobile phones. The significance of website speed in e-commerce is huge. Make sure that the websites load rapidly because a slower site will encourage customers to quit the process.

Limited, yet reliable payment methods

Though there are a plethora of payment modes and gateways, do not include all of them. Choose the one that best suits your business- 1.Based on the geographic location of your customers and if you have international customers, understand their capability to handle international payments. Look for their rates of transaction and signup; their ability to initiate and handle refunds;  based on their ability to protect users from frauds and illegal transactions, etc.

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