Five Problems That Delay Web Design And Development Project

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Milestones are marked, roles are assigned and timeframe is developed. Beginning a new project is always exciting for every stakeholder of the project. The aim of this article is to put forth the possible delays in the course of undertaking a web design project and to present some essential tips and tricks to tackle such delays.

Ineffective and vague inputs

The most common and fundamental problem in the case of web development projects is the lack of effective inputs from the key stakeholders of the firm. Design is the vehicle to carry the imagery of the brand and it would be effective only when the message and inputs are clearly conveyed to the design team.

After hiring a web development team and fixing a timeline for the completion of activities, the stakeholders of the organization should ensure that their inputs and requirements are specific and detailed, particularly in terms of the output design and operation of the final site. The web design team should make a clear list of roles and required contributions. They should put in utmost efforts to gain insights and data from all the stakeholders at the outset of the project.

No clear sitemap

The second of the most predominant problems of delay in web design projects is not having a clear sitemap. After gathering all the required inputs from the stakeholders, the web design company should build an effective sitemap, that depicts the logical flow of landing pages. This visual model would depict how website users navigate the site and would give an idea of how the business would be able to achieve its goals in the digital space.

To have a clear sitemap, the stakeholders of the organization should clearly define the key business goals and the website objectives.

Delays in Content creation

Content sourcing and creation in order to fill the landing pages with text is equally important as web design and development. Companies usually save the task of content creation for the last minute which is one of the most common reasons of delay in website projects. Content creation is highly important because based on the content that is loaded, the search engine will rank the website. A website cannot be launched successfully unless you load the content.

To avoid this delay, the web development company should start sourcing the content as soon as the project is underway. Don’t wait until the completion of the project.

Making incorrect assumptions

Not asking enough or appropriate questions to gather the right data is one of the significant problems that cause delays in web design. Owing to the complexity of the web development process, it’s important that the developer asks detailed questions to understand the process better and to know the decision of the firm on certain critical elements.

The web developer shouldn’t assume things just because he thinks or expects it to be that way. It’s important to confirm their assumptions and ask plenty of questions about the overall process and project expectations.

Delays in feedback and approvals

A web design project requires the time and input of the firm to execute the project successfully. Project timeline and milestones cannot be reached without the support of the client. When firms fail to provide timely feedback, data and approvals, there is a huge delay in completing the project.

The firm shouldn’t start the project until it has reached a stage where it can allocate time and sufficient resources to the project. Once this has started, the firm should have this in their priority list.


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