How To Build A Digital Marketing Strategy For 2021?

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The year 2020 has witnessed unforeseen changes and has produced an unprecedented environment for businesses and individuals. The continuous lockdown measures and cautionary directives imposed in light of the rampaging pandemic has paralyzed economic and business activities. As most businesses are working out innovative ways and creative strategies to gain back normalcy as early as possible, Digital marketing strategies are rapidly evolving than ever before. More so, as a significant number of consumers choose to shop through the digital medium and work from the bounds of home, instead of visiting office workspaces, malls, shops, etc. Consider the following steps before working out a digital marketing plan for 2021.

List your goals and objectives

The first and foremost step to building an effective digital marketing plan is to identify your goal. Are you aspiring to increase your sales? Or to strengthen your online presence? Or to target a new customer base and increase your market share? Are you planning to expand your business?  The primary goals are identified and agreed upon by the stakeholders will enable you to create a digital marketing strategy that aligns with the listed goals.

Say if you wish to increase your sales, your digital marketing strategy should be based on

  • Driving the existing customers to buy more as well as reaching out to new customers
  • Reducing customer churn and attrition.
  • Identifying social media and other digital platforms that best match the business
  • The SEO services and strategies that would help the business reach the target customer
  • Is the website good-enough to acquire new customers? Is it in alignment with the voice and tone of the brand?

Identifying the target audience

The very next step after listing the goals is to recognize the target base of consumers for your product and service and to identify their demographics along with their shopping patterns.

  • What is the unique value proposition of your product or service? Whom does it benefit primarily?
  • Are they men, women? What is their geographic location?
  • Are they young, middle-aged or senior-grade?
  • What is their most commonly used digital medium? Where are they looking for information about the product?
  • What are the social media channels that they most commonly use? For example, if you are a B2B platform and clients are mostly professionals and businesses, then you should look at reaching them on Linkedin.
  • You can also find the target audience using digital tools. Google Analytics is the most preferred tool to examine your marketing effectiveness.

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Leverage technology in building the process

From analyzing the shopping or search pattern to automatically resolving consumer issues, disruptive technologies like AI, ML, VR, Chatbots, etc. have revolutionized digital marketing. Studies suggest that by 2022, Chatbot would become effective in handling around 90% of queries without assistance from the customer care cell. Thus, for businesses to thrive and survive in 2021 and the future, it is highly important to stand atop the trends, monitor them closely and adopt them early to grab consumers and gain a competitive advantage. Enhancing customer-friendliness would help acquire more customers.

Build content that appeals to the customer in a short time

Given the fast-paced nature of this world, it is important to deliver content that convinces the customers in a short time. Use more video, pictures, stories, interviews, live demonstrations, etc. on social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns, while spotlighting the key aspects of your offering,

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