Linkedin Polls – The Right Way To Market Your Brand

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LinkedIn is no more just an employment platform; it is a great marketing arena for most businesses and strengthens its brand power. LinkedIn has introduced polls to improve user interaction and engagement. This digital marketing platform is getting popular day by day among the users as it helps them know more about various topics.

Social media marketing is economical and time-saving when compared to traditional ad marketing methods. LinkedIn polls are a useful platform for B2B and B2C, as you can get linked with professionals from the same industry while gaining popularity among the audience. Let's understand the process of creating polls and using them as a digital marketing strategy to develop your business.

LinkedIn Polls

Just like any other post, you can create the polls and publish them for the audience to react. The interesting part is you can do it anywhere on your LinkedIn page such as the profile, network groups, at an event, etc. All you need to do is, create a post, click on the + symbol, and you get the create a poll option. Now click on it, add a question of your choice, and select four responses. Fix the poll duration, add relevant hashtags, and you are done. Now go ahead and run your poll to know the viewer's preference. Once the poll has concluded you can check on the number of responses and which is the most clicked response.

Creating polls is an effective marketing technique that can benefit your brand in many ways. The goal of any business is to reach the right customer for which digital social media can be used as a bridge. Through these platforms, any business can gain popularity and improve its productivity. (Learn how to pick the best social media platform for your business)  Here are some benefits that can be useful in achieving your business goals.

Target a specific audience

LinkedIn poll responses you get can reveal the audience preference, which in turn helps you in understanding the right type of audience for your business. You can encourage the users to interact with your brand, ask questions related to your brand on the polls to learn their level of satisfaction. As you keep continuing with as many interactions as possible the users share their opinion on your ideas and topics.


Feedbacks are valuable to develop the credibility of your brand. When you request feedback on your product or service., the users can express their intent by choosing the response. You can improve on necessary aspects and serve the customers better based on their responses. Ask about the features and performance of your products to get real-time data.

Gain network and create trending topics

Groups from the same industry will get to interact and connect using the polls. You can stay updated with trends and developments prevailing in the industry. As you grow your network you can check on competitors, analyze and compare your performance. Ensure to choose topics that are useful and interesting to discuss. It enhances your presence and viewers will be eager to interact with your business.

This is not all you can think of innovative ways to keep the poll interesting. The relationship you build with other businesses and customers goes a long way. Everyone communicating on the poll gain knowledge and leaves back some valuable ideas for others. Therefore sharing becomes a powerful tool to grow various facets of your business. Cloudi5 technologies, a digital marketing company helps its clients to boost their marketing strategies and improve sales.

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