Mobile App Development Trends 2020

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives and at present, there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world. With the increasing penetration of smartphones, their applications have rapidly evolved. Technological advancements, change in consumer preferences, and several other external factors  To know, How Can Mobile Application Benefit In Heading Up Your Business? read this blog that has captured the latest trends in the evolution of mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence that automates decision making

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented increase in investment in Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging analytics, facial recognition techniques, deep learning mechanisms, AI-enabled chips and processors, and machine learning technologies, mobile applications shall be equipped to deliver powerful insights to businesses and mobile applications that shall drive efficient decision making. 

IoT based Applications that revolutionize automation

IoT describes the ever-growing network of smart-tech-enabled devices that are capable of providing convenience and control to consumers. Though IoT is still in the developing phase, its capabilities when integrated and harnessed to mobile applications are capable of automating consumer activities.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) apps

AR and VR based apps are capable of scaling businesses to the next levels. What evolved as a technology for entertainment has now become an important tool for businesses to deliver newer levels in user experience in healthcare, e-commerce, etc. Product demos and interactive applications are expected to drive the mobile application industry, particularly in building market-based and location-based applications.

Cloud computing that reduces costs

One of the common trips & tricks to reduce mobile app development cost and time is to rely on cloud computing for application building. They are capable of fetching the data directly and thus occupy only minimal space in the memory. Cloud apps can be built in a short time and getting early to the market has several competitive advantages for businesses. The other advantage that cloud-driven applications can be used without downloading the app, but merely by using the mobile browser is an advantage for businesses. 

Evolution of Mobile commerce

Gone are the days of using credit cards and debit cards to make online purchases. Of late, customers are preferring to make payments using Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. leading to the rise in the development of more M-commerce applications.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is revolutionizing app development

AMP is a HTML framework available open-source built by Google. Such applications load faster on one hand and reduce the bounce rate by a significant percentage. With the increased benefits offered in terms of ad visibility, it offers innumerable advantages to publishers by attracting more visitors.

The upward trend in wearable markets

Wearable devices and technology are still in nascent stages. Smartwatches, trackers, etc. have already penetrated into the market. When they reach their fullest capacity and potential, mobile applications may evolve to capture and co-evolve with this trend.

Offering better customer experiences through beacon technology

From retail to healthcare, beacon technology-led applications are on the rise. They help companies track and monitor customer behavior, and send push notifications accordingly. The proximity marketing capabilities that accompany beacon tech is immense and thus improves the overall experience to the customers as they use the app.

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