Reasons Why Schools Should Move To Cloud Technologies?

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Cloud technology is everywhere in this digitalized world. In businesses, cloud technology offers its benefits to the users as well as to the owners.  As a result, cloud technology exists in most of the business at present. Cloud technology is not only playing a vital role in businesses but also changing the present education system too. Nowadays schools were also following the operational management software of cloud technology and also move their data to the cloud to enjoy their benefits. More specifically, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is playing a significant role in the present education system in coordination, efficient planning, directing, and implementing multiple functionalities. The administration management becomes very easy by the smart school ERP software. Here are some of the more benefits of cloud technology in the education system. Let us discuss as follows.

Automatic Software Update

Cloud technologies enable their hosted software solutions to update to the latest version automatically without any downloading, installing, or configuring new versions. In the traditional education system, a system administrator is required to configure and manage enterprise software. Hiring a full-time system administrator to manage its software system for automatic updates by a school is not a practical and budget-friendly idea. With the help of a cloud-based ERP system solution, the software can be updated automatically without any downtime.

High Flexibility

Flexibility is the main advantage of cloud computing is. It allows teachers to work from school and even from their homes also. They can access the software from their school computer, laptop or even from the mobile phone. Similarly, it also benefits the parents in the form of location and time of access and also hardware used to access. Thus it enhances the collaboration between teachers and parents by their flexibility.


For any technology, security is the major aspect to use it without any hassle. In this way, cloud technology offers the best security for the software as well as the data, similar to the disaster recovery services. It is practically impossible for a school to offer security for traditional hosted software within the campus. Software developers are aware of the security of physical security as well as the program inside the software. They also aware of the security threats arises in the industry. This allows cloud technology to be more secure for the school to save their data.

Zero Capex and Reduced Opex

The school does not need to buy any costly hardware to set up the software available on cloud technologies as it carries Zero Capex (Capital Expenditure). It requires only high-speed internet and a good computer or laptop which is available in many schools at present.

High upfront fees are charged for licensing of a non-cloud software. But in case of cloud, the licensing fees are reasonable and it is usually monthly or yearly and also the school ERP software is available with all the features. The main advantage behind this is Opex (Operational Expenditure) i.e. you can start use and cancel at any time without any charges. As we already above said, there are no maintenance charges apart from the licensing fee. Hence it is a budget-friendly technology that can be utilized easily by any school.

Thus these are the few benefits of cloud technology in schools and these are the few reasons to move to them. If you looking for School Management software, please Contact Us, we will help you to set it up.

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