Tips To Building On-demand Grocery Application

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Living in a world driven and dominated by technology, we tend to demand goods and services at the click of a mouse. With people leading a rapid life, the preference has increasingly aligned towards acquiring services quickly and conveniently. Given all these, it is a natural tendency for consumers to demand online delivery of groceries in their endeavor to avoid whiling away time taken at long-standing queues in brick and mortar stores. Thus an on-demand grocery app is all about offering the best user experience while also improving sales and capturing competitive advantage. The blog navigates you through the essential features that are to be incorporated in an on-demand grocery app along with their functionality. Also, read tips and tricks to reduce mobile app development costs.

Easy signup and registration

The sign-up process should be made as simple as possible because no user prefers to spend a long-time entering the personal details. Sometimes, they tend to discard the app when it takes more time to log in and navigate. You can ease the process by facilitating login through social media, email id or mobile number. By providing an option for social media logins, the ability to share their purchase on the medium provides free-of-cost advertising.

Proper listing of products and stores

This is a very essential step to building a proper grocery application. Ensure that the products are listed properly categorized from the customer’s lens, in order to ensure a smooth selection and shopping of products. Add basic details and descriptions of the product to make sure that the user perceives the information thoroughly.

Filtered search

The search button is the core requirement of a grocery app. It has to be designed simple yet powerful. Provide filters to enhance and ease the search process and grab the desired product in a short frame of time.

High-quality UI/UX

It is imperative to build the application using a top-notch UI/UX, as offering a seamless user experience matters the most in online grocery applications. Smooth navigation and high responsiveness are essential to delivering a reliable shopping experience. Applications that aren’t appealing and easy-to-use are highly probable to be uninstalled by the user right away. Make sure that you hire a professional company with notable experience in delivering an excellent interface. At Cloudi5 Technologies, an android app development company, we specialize in building online grocery applications and the capability to stay updated to cater to the latest requirements of our clients is a testimony to our experience and expertise.

Tracking & Delivery

A must-have feature in online shopping applications is the GPS real-time tracking facility. From order placement, dispatching to delivery, providing an option for the user to track every step of the process builds trust and reliability. You can mention the estimated time and date of delivery and by doing so, also provide the user to avail delivery at a time that is convenient to them.

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