Tips To Creating A Top-Notch Health Care Website Design

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Given the increase in penetration of digital services, more so, when the ravaging pandemic demanded staying abound inside the fortified walls of our homes, almost every industry invested strenuous efforts in building a digital platform. The medical field was no exemption, and telemedicine or offer consultation over the internet gained momentum. This equipped the healthcare service providers to offer remote services while avoiding crowds that aid in preventing the spread of the infection. The blog aims to highlight the best practices for medical and healthcare service providers who aim to build a website as the primary point of interaction and diagnosis. The features shall help you either design a site from scratch or to improve your web design to boost up your revenue.

Incorporate patient-centric features

The website should be built with a primary focus on the patients and should be tailored to meet their requirements. Whether to schedule a consultation, e-meet a doctor or to check their tests and results, patients should be given their own space. This would help them gain control over their consultation, and give them a feeling that it isn’t different from a personal visit to the hospital. The signup process shouldn’t be too complicated and must be designed to work with minimal details like email id. Linking this to social media and other email platforms should also be considered to ease the process.

Profile creation and listing

Because choosing a medical professional is a subject of personal trust and credibility, it is important to display facilities, department wise data, along with a list of specialists, the professional details, specialization, experience, education, working hours, etc. The healthcare web design should consider including a rating and review option because patients lookup for such prior patient experiences before deciding to avail of healthcare service.

Easy navigation should be the primary intent

Though easy navigation is an important attribute for any website, it is more important for telemedicine. Ensure a smooth transition between pages of the website, because medical websites are built with an increased number of pages. Incorporate Call-to-Actions that are user-friendly. Use only a minimum number of elements in the menu bar- About Us, Team, Contact, Offerings, Book now.

Easy-to-book features

The website should allow the user to search for the doctor of a profile based on their requirement, provide time slots based on the availability of the professional, and details about the type of appointments. This can be wholly integrated and should be capable of providing a notification over SMS or email with complete details about the physician's appointment. 

Flexible and secured online transactions

For online consultation, the patient should be provided with an easy-to-use payment mechanism. The flexible payment method should allow the patient to choose a payment option as per their convenience with one-touch and text-to-pay methods. They should be highly secured adhering to the compliance laws and procedures of the country.

Personalized space provision

Online consultation could be facilitated through a video call or through text messages to convey the symptoms and discomforts patient experiences. The doctor would then write a prescription based on the diagnosis. A personal space that is highly secured and confidential is the most needed for patients to provide the best experience.

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