Tips To Design Landing Pages That Convert

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All businesses have the goal of attaining and sustaining success in the era of Technological innovations and evolutions. Choosing the right marketing tools can target the right audience and help achieve business goals. If the goal is to increase sales, attract customers, or product promotion, then a well-designed Landing Page (LP) is the best-known solution.

The pages are popularly known as lead capture pages, static pages, or destination pages. It is a single web page that appears as a result of clicking search engine URL results, marketing emails, CTA buttons present on Google or Social Media Ads. 

The page is extensively deployed by businesses to generate lead. Actions performed by the visitors on the page determines the conversion rate of the advertisement. Therefore it is a relevant marketing tool that suits all businesses.

Note: The page can be present within an organizations' main website.

Before starting the design process of the landing page, two things to consider are,

  • Determine the goal/purpose of your page - whether visitors need to convert into sales or leads, and that can vary for each business.
  • Consider your audience - designing pages that target a specific portion of your audience increases the relevance of your page and the chances of conversions.

The following are some of the noteworthy best practices to design an LP that converts,

Write Compelling Headlines/Title

Many read your headline while a few read the entire copy. Draft a clear, readable, captivating title that reveals the benefits when they choose you over others. Try to avoid creative and non-descriptive wordings. In simpler terms, the title should reflect the essence of your entire content.

Keep your landing page structured

Websites that have a logical sequence of the page elements enable the user to navigate deeper into pages and encourage them to take the right actions. The structuring can enhance your conversion when you understand the needs of the visitors.

Good Typography to promote readability

Typography is the appropriate and thoughtful selection of font, size, colors, alignment, page layout, and all aspects that enhances the overall look of the page. The page contains all the essential information, so pick the right fonts. Presenting readable quality content to users helps meet the standards of typography.

Design your buttons carefully

The Buttons and especially CTA buttons count big in the LP. They are the sole and primary call to action element in many cases. Pay close attention to the look, feel, color, size, and placement of the CTA button. Test your CTA and make simple changes if necessary.

Use relevant and interactive visuals

A picture speaks more than words. Relevant and interactive visuals increase the customer engagement rate as people tend to respond to visually interactive content faster than standalone text. Designing new and unique interactive CSS animations from an experienced web design company grabs visitor attention with ease.

Unite with social media

We are in a digital era where social media presence is inevitable everywhere and every time for everyone. The social media links provided in the landing pages help the visitors view, like, comment, and share the social media posts of the organization. The users can receive instant notifications on product or service updates.


Hope the blog provides some useful information regarding the web design aspects of the LP for your websites. A reputed best web design company always implements the facts mentioned above to help businesses attain conversions.

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