Top AI web design tools

Top AI Web Design Tools

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The rapid penetration of Artificial Intelligence has empowered the design and delivery of various services including website design and development. Web designers and developers work to harness the unlimited potential of futuristic technology and to leverage its unique capabilities to website creation from scratch or redesign an existing one. Owing to the infinite power of the technology and its capacity to offer design tools using highly advanced algorithms, it has ultimately become a crucial part of web design. They improve the efficiency of work by minimizing manual interventions and enable the creation of a data-driven design while offering a unique, personalized design to clients and businesses. AI’s impact on web design and development is unprecedented.

Listed following are the top 3 website design AI applications and tools, along with their advantages and disadvantages in terms of aiding in provisioning an advanced web design.


Known for creating innovative web designs, Wix launched ADI in mid-2016 with a vision to enable cost-effective, customized designs. It has the capacity to build a design after seeking answers from the user to a predefined set of questions. The design can be revamped and tweaked by the user to align with the objectives, as it gives the ability to alter the content completely. The designer can add or delete elements and functions to the existing design.


  1. Offers mobile-friendly designs- WixADI automatically creates a mobile version of your site, minimizing the work for the designer.
  2. Available for free of cost- The designer can use the WixADI features for free and by subscribing he gets accessibility to a broad range of tools. This enables the Wix to offer constant algorithmic updates.
  3. Functions fast- It only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to create a site, which it does after obtaining answers to a set of questions from the user.


  1. Templatized look- Because it creates a site based on predefined attributes unless the user adds his own images & content, it looks templatized.
  2. Slow page loading- It takes a long time to load long pages and incase if you have a large website designed in Wix, it generally takes longer to tweak the design.
  3. Limited features-  While with Wix, the designer can access a wide range of options, and with Wix ADI he can access only a limited set of features. So in case if he wants to use both the apps and the ADI, he has to switch to the traditional editor.


Sacha from Firedrop is a web design assistant, with a narrow focus on creating single-page sites and landing pages for small businesses. It was launched in 2017 and with Sacha, you can create a website by providing details of your requirement and the feedback to make effective changes.


  1. Known for simplicity, the complete website building process is managed through a chatbot. The chatbot collects the inputs based on which it builds the site. The editing is very simple and for changes that the designer aims to make, he has to pass the instructions through the chatbot.
  2. Wide options to personalize the site. Sacha allows for greater customization, as it offers content templates, color palettes and fonts, and images to choose from apart from adding new content.
  3. Mobile-friendly options- It lets the designer build and modify his site with a mobile phone by simply passing instructions while chatting with Sacha. By doing so, it ensures that you don’t have to invest additional efforts to improve the responsiveness of the site.


  1. Suitable for small businesses only- Because it requires a monthly subscription to create a large website, and with the free version, the designer can create only a single page web design. This may not be suitable for businesses as most of them need multiple pages.
  2. Limited SEO options- Though Sacha lets you add a page title and description it doesn’t let the designer optimize the content or images.

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