Top Web Development Frameworks Of 2020

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Websites are universal nowadays that keep changing with the latest web development technologies. All Web Development Company adapt to the prevailing trend shift in web technologies to select their appropriate frameworks.

Let's graze up some basic web development terms for a better understanding before discussing the top web development frameworks of 2020,

What is Web development?

Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites. It is the effort to make a website look & perform well for a smooth user experience. An experienced Web development company performs these operations.

Who are Web developers?

The people who build and develop websites are Web developers or devs. The developers in a web design company use diverse programming languages that vary according to their current tasks or platforms they deploy.

Two major division of Web Development are

Front-end consists of everything that the user can view.

A front end developer takes care of programming the visual aspect of the website like the drop-down menus, text, layout, and buttons required for user navigation. The codes written by front end developers run on the user's browser.

The back-end of the web consists of, 

  • A server for hosting the website
  • An application to enable it to run
  • Database to store the generated data

A back-end developer ensures the smooth functioning of the server, application, and database. The codes written by back-end developers run on the webserver.

What are the Frameworks?

Web development frameworks are a set of web resources, web APIs, or web services that help in building web applications. They are essential for web development. Web developers prefer frameworks in creating an attractive, functional, and dynamic website. A reputed web development company has its framework resources that vary according to the project requirements.

Some vital factors to consider before selecting a web development framework are

  • Client Requirements
  • Hosting Requirements
  • Free Core Library
  • Included JS Library
  • Database mapping and configuration
  • Security

The Top Web Development Frameworks for 2020 are as follows,


Google developed this vibrant front-end framework that helps to build complete single-page client-side applications. Angular V9 is the current version used by AngularJS developers today. Frequent updates made AngularJS a leading front-end web development framework.

The need for less coding, code reusability, and efficient problem-solving capabilities and User Interface with HTML are the pros of React JS. Angular JS frameworks are larger in size and time-consuming to learn are the cons of Angular JS.

React JS

Facebook developed the React JS for web app development to build a single page for mobile and websites. React is a front-end library rather than a framework that helps create better UI for web development.

The pros of ReactJS is that it supports virtual DOM programming features and is SEO friendly. Cons of React JS frameworks are large libraries and complex manuals.


Vue.js is an open-source Javascript framework used to build User Interfaces, and Single Page Applications. Vue.js progressive framework feature is quite trending today. The Progressive framework feature facilitates the developers to use the framework as part of their existing project. The core library of Vue.js easily integrates with other libraries or existing projects.Vue.js uses a blend of modern tools and support libraries to power-up the sophisticated Single page applications.

The advantages of Vue.js are, A fresher with a basic knowledge of HTML or CSS can learn and start a project on the Vue platform. Helps to trace and fix the errors with ease during development. The disadvantages of Vue.js are the absence of the commonly used Plugins/Components. High-level of flexibility can cause more coding errors and irregularities.


Ember is a free and open-source Javascript framework for developing web applications with complete solutions for data management and application flow. Ember provides two-way data binding with a lot of features and components just like Angular. The framework provides a huge selection of addons with a one-step installation is a unique advantage. The Ember community is always expanding with frequently updated features.


Laravel is one of the popular PHP frameworks using the MVC architectural pattern for building robust web applications. Web developers prefer Laravel to develop powerful functionalities like authentication, API integrations, routing, sessions, and caching. 

The advantages of Laravel are user-friendly features, code reusability, and the blade template engine. The disadvantages of Laravel are the absence of seamless transitions between versions and upgrades can be problematic sometimes.


The framework is known for its small size of about 2MB, including the documentation. Codeigniter is a PHP framework that is suitable for building a dynamic website. The framework consists of several in-built modules that help in constructing robust and reusable components.

Some advantages of CodeIgniter are easy to install, helps create scalable apps, Top-class error handling capabilities, Inbuilt security tools, Simple and excellent documentation, and the disadvantage are the CodeIgniter updates are irregular a little bit.


Express is a prominent web development framework for Node.js. Node.js is a free, light, scalable open-source server environment that web developers prefer today. Node.js execute the codes directly on the browser with high speeds. The Express framework enables the usage of existing codes in node.js. Node.js helps to create network-based and real-time apps.

Advantages of the Express framework are compatible with HTTP methods, Delivers high performance, Creates powerful API efficiently. The disadvantages are the coding structure is hard, not enough middleware available.


The above discussion provides a brief glimpse of some of the top web development frameworks of 2020. Build your web sites by choosing the right framework and web development company to excel in business.

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