Web Design Is More About User Experience Than About Art And Beauty

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Though a lot of people think that web design is all about art and aesthetics, it is more about creating a design that offers the user an immersive experience. It is about creating a design that is viable, usable, and desirable.

What is the difference between Art and Design?

While the difference between Art and Design is a topic of timeless debate, Art is all about giving life to emotions and expressions but design is a systematic, data-driven process built iteratively to deliver solutions to problems.

An excellent website design is not about art, but about how well it serves the targeted customer or client base, how engaging it is, how well it functions on the device, the medium, etc. It is more about user experience than about aesthetics and art.

So a proper web designer or a web design company usually starts by asking these questions and looking out for answers to the same-

  1. What is the primary purpose of that particular website? What is the problem it intends to solve?
  2. Who is the target customer base? What are their demographics?
  3. What is the expected outcome after they land on the website? How do they go about measuring it against the objectives?

If you are looking to hire a web designer or a web design company from a sole, aesthetic point of view, you could be wrong and may not achieve the desired goals. It is a good website only if it offers the best user experience, and its offerings match closely with what they are looking for from the website.

Essential considerations of a website

Beyond creating a site that appeals, a web designer or a web design company should concentrate his or her efforts to-

  1. Enhance the loading speed- as visitors tend to abandon the site if it takes too long to load
  2. Optimize the site on different gadgets, particularly mobile phones- As there is an increase in mobile users, a web designer or a web design company should consider improving the mobile responsiveness of the site
  3. Facilitate easy navigation- The site should enable the user to navigate through the site at ease, without bouncing back. For instance, easy downloading of PDFs, option to shop the product without installing extra tools or applications.

A website design is all about User Experience 

Good web designers or the best web design companies concentrate their efforts on crafting a design that is easy for users to act on what they desire.

Studies show how most websites that are ranked top in the world excel in terms of UX design.

We don’t mean to say that all sites irrespective of their purpose and objective should deliver traffic as high as Facebook or Twitter. The outcomes shall vary across different sites-

  1. Ecommerce websites should facilitate effortless shopping
  2. Content sites and blogging sites should motivate people to come back for more
  3. Social media sites should be able to provide a seamless environment to interact and engage
  4. Accommodation, recreation, and hotel sites to make booking and reservations
  5. Schools, universities, and educational institutions to facilitate admissions

Visual elements, colors, fonts, etc. of a website design play a key role in enriching the brand visibility and identity. Art and beauty are about the surface while the design is more about the process to achieve usability with feasible elements. The best web design companies are the ones that work on bringing out a design with greater functionality and feasibility, and due importance to improving the aesthetics with elements of art.

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