What Is The Best Front End Technology For Web Projects

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To understand the best Front End Technology for Web Projects we first have to understand what is front-end technology. The Front End Development Tool is a software application that helps developers to make attractive and unique website layouts very easily. Front-end developers are mostly responsible for building the user interface that interacts with the users. There is numerous front-end development software according to the recent web development trends that help you speed development with their popular features. Some of the best front-end development tools and applications are mentioned below.

Sencha Ext JS

This is one of the most comprehensive JavaScript frameworks used by web design company for mobile applications, data-intensive cross-platform web. It has 140+ high-performance UI components such as adapter, HTML calendar, Grids, Pivot GTrid, Trees, Lists, Forms, Menus, Toolbars, Panels, Windows, and many others. It has a flexible layout manager to organize the data and content across multiple browsers and devices. Sencha Ext includes features that align with ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The Robust Data Package included in Sencha Ext decouples the UI components from the data layer. Overall this front-end development tool is Adaptive, Accessible with Robust Data Package.

Sencha Ext JS front end development tool


This front-end development technology involved in web designing and development supports more than 16 languages and 16 IDE’s. The kite can automatically complete multiple line codes. It provides Java documentation and email support. Kites code completion are powered by machine learning models and the codes are private and leave your machine. It gives you instant code documentation and you save a lot of time searching for python docs. Kite was launched in the year 2019, back then it only supported Python. Now it added JavaScript and other new languages like Kotlin, Scala, C/C++, Objective C, C#, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, and Less.


Npm is a package manager for Javascript. Npm is the largest software registry in the world with 350,000 packages and front-end technology where they share and reuse their code. Npm is also used by many organizations for managing their private development. It is free to use and all npm public software packages can be downloaded without any registration or login. Npm can manage and install all dependencies of a project. It is extremely configurable and mostly used by web design and development companies to publish, discover, install and develop node programs.

 Npm front end development tool


WebStorm helps developers to code more efficiently when working on large and difficult projects. It provides larger coding assistance and provides build-in tills for debugging, testing, and tracing Node.js applications. WebStorm helps you to write more reliable and maintainable code, be more productive with coding, and simplify challenging tasks. Its special features include Out-of-the-box experience, Dedicated environment for JavaScript, Smart Editor, Code Completion, Code Quality Analysis, Safe Refactorings, Quick Documentation, Built-in HTML Preview, and many other Code Editing Boosters. 

webstrom front end development tool

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